Flatten the bump

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It is absolutely horrifying to have a huge belly. I mean just for a second forget about the health issues that accompany obesity and just think about the man on the street who insists on wearing a tight shirt even when the buttons are about to explode in different directions. Then the inability to tie your shoelaces. But, in spite of many such embarrassing reasons, certain people across the globe just refuse to reduce their huge bellies.  For the ones with huge bellies, if you are under the impression, that just doing cardio three times a week will help you look like Hugh Jackman, then you need a reality check for sure. I mean think about it, you love Kelly Rowland for her arms, perfectly sculpted shoulders and flat tummy, besides her other skills.People, it is high time to get conscious about your figures and physiques, because fit is the new trendy. Now, as far as your stomach fat is concerned, reducing it requires a game plan. Therefore, you need to rethink your lifestyle and remove all forms of junk or deep fried food, no more regular drink sessions at the bar, say no to all forms of aerated drinks and definitely incorporate a few intense workout regimes into your daily workout routine. So, in order to get a completely flat tummy here is what you are required to do –

1. Workout routines


Aerobic exercises – Aerobic exercises are a must. All forms of aerobic exercises strengthen your core and increases you heart rate which aids in flattening the abs and stomach region. Aerobic exercises include dancing, running, swimming, cycling, walking at a brisk pace etc, as long as your heart rate spikes because of physical exertion. Even interval cardio training will help for sure. Interval cardio training includes running fast for as long as you can and then when you feel tired you start walking.

Plyometrics – The other important thing that will help reduce your belly is called Plyometrics. Plyometric exercises are the ones which require explosive power, and it essentially combines Cardio with strength training. Plyometric exercises include jumping jacks and squat-thrust-push up.

Strength Training – Strength Training is essential because it increases your metabolism and you end up burning more calories with time. The good part about strength training is that building muscles essentially attacks all the fat. Doing abs crunches, sit ups, ball exchange, dead weight lifting will help the process.

2. Diet Plan


No junk – Junk food is a major source of calorie and oil, which is disastrous for any human being, who does not follow a diet. Junk food does not add any essential nutrients to the body and in stead just keep loading up on all the harmful fats that only make you more obese.

No alcohol – Alcohol causes the body to secrete estrogen which only helps in retaining fat, along with which alcohol stimulates hunger. Therefore both these reasons help in contributing more fat and food to the body. Also alcohol like Beer and wine are extremely high in calories. Therefore it is best to avoid drinking if you truly want a perfect body.

Water – Water is a fix for almost anything. Water regulates bowel movement which is also important for having a flat stomach, not to mention that it also helps in removing all harmful toxins from the body.

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Frequent meals – No it does not mean you keep eating deep fried food repeatedly, but small meals comprising of almonds or fruits every hour or so should do the trick. Eating healthy is the main aim, because consuming any form of high calorie food will only contribute to the muffin top. So try to eat every two hours in stead of the three major meals. Your day should comprise of eight meal times.

No sugar – Try to reduce your sugar consumption. That is putting it mildly, you have to try and eliminate sugar from your diet completely so that you do not keep adding the calories, that you have struggled to lose at the gymnasium. According to recent studies, sugar has become a sort of addiction for humans, and hence it has to be curbed.

Cut down on meal size – It is essential to cut down on the size of your meal. One of the best ways to achieve this particularly difficult task is by using a smaller plates, so that your plate looks heaped with food and that way your actual portion is reduced. Your diet should comprise of lean proteins like beans, lean meats and nuts; along with whole grains and low fat dairy products.

So there are many aspects to losing the fat around the tummy region. It actually does require a game plan, rather than just some pointers. A perfect balance has to be maintained as far as your work out routine is concerned. Mixing up aerobic exercises with cardio and strength training and crunches will definitely yield the desired results provided your diet is both healthy and controlled. It is not only about healthy food, but also controlling the amount of every meal. So, start hitting the treadmill and at the same time make your own fitness and diet charts to have your own flat tummy.