Food you can’t just give up!

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I recently came across a Facebook status-

Two kinds of people are the best kind:
1.Who loves to eat.
2.Who love dogs.
I am certainly the best kind.

Very cheeky and and yes, brings a smile to our faces. Just like the person who gave this status.

The best part is, most of us love either or both of them! And the ones who love both (like me), it’s really impossible to give up either of them. Now that’s where “impossible” can’t be made “I’m possible”. That’s something to think about. Maybe people will stop trying to sound motivational by giving this example of pseudo transition.

Of all things good on this Earth, FOOD is THE best thing. It’s something that makes even hardcore dog-lovers turn their attention away from the furry little four-legged animals at their feet. Or on their laps. Talk about low attention time span.

No matter how much we talk about physical fitness, healthy bodies and regular exercise, food is something we just can’t give up. It’s addictive. And makes us ignore our waistlines. We crave for the perfect fit and worship the gods and goddesses of the silver screen, but we crave food much more than anything combined. It’s an integral part of our lives and can’t just be given up.

We all have our favorites. Be it potato chips, chocolates, ice-creams or just plain salted biscuits. There are some foods that you just CAN’T give up. Some of these are my favorites too…

1. Chips and Fries.


^ This. Potato never tasted so good. Or tasty. Eat it when you are sad or when you are visiting someone. Or are simply bored.

2. Chocolates.

food 2

These little balls of darkness can lighten up anybody’s soul. And for the ones who like it white, it just adds to the sunshine already there! And foodies don’t care whether it’s calorific or not, happiness is all we need. Didn’t we all learn that happiness is the key to one’s health?

3. Pakodas.

food 3

Deep-fried. Crispy. Tasty. Fun. Perfect for a hangout. Or just self-indulgence. This is an almost staple snack during the evenings.

4. Biriyani.

food 4

The mere aroma of it is enough to keep people awake till they actually try it.

5. Rolls.

food 5

No street food itinerary is complete without adding this. Be it Kathi rolls or the regular “Egg Roll” of all seasons, this is something that works as a snack and dinner as well. No healthy Shawarma can ever replace it.

6. Pizza.


Oh, the beauty of a perfectly round Pizza. And the toppings. And the sheer joy of the flavor bursting inside your mouth! You can never get enough of the so many different pizza toppings and bases and crusts..

7. Momos.


I swear every locality in India has its own kind of momo and winter evenings are just incomplete without these little beauties.

8. Paani-puri/Fuchka.

paani puri

Every Calcuttan’s delight.

9. Ice-cream.

ice cream

Cool. Creamy. Rich. Tasty.

Need I say more?

10. Butter/Cheese.

butter n cheese

We want ‘em on our bread. On the pasta. In the cakes.  The noodles. As a dip. And sometimes, just like that!

11. Sandwich.


Gone are the days when sandwiches meant two slices of bread with just lettuce in between. Options are more for the highly adventurous!

12. Chicken.


Sorry little birdie! But we just can’t have enough of you.

13. Maggi/ Ramen Noodles.


It’s easy to make and is highly customizable. Add anything you want. Eat wherever you are. Keep feeling like an expert who knows how to cook for survival.

14. Chocolate Biscuits.

choco biscuits

The awesomeness called chocolate along with the crunch of a biscuit.

The perfect way to begin your day.

15. Samosas.


The crunch. The filling. Coupled with a mint dip.


I’m sure by the time you’ve finished reading this, plans have already been made about your next meal. What is life without food? No matter how much we are advised against the effects of eating “unhealthy food”, the hungry soul inside us refuses to listen.

Eating and survival are habits with which we are conditioned since the birth of life. In order to prioritize, we often unwittingly give up things with which we are used to. The imbalance thus created slowly creeps into other parts of our daily functioning as well.

With obesity being a major health problem, many people have tried to cut down on foods having a high calorific value. Very few have succeeded while most are struggling.

If only there was some way to prevent piling up the calories and at the same time, be able to enjoy guilt-free eating.

We all know some sort of exercise, right? There’s Google and the know-it-all friends. Now, let’s just combine that with food. What I mean is, let’s just eat with our hearts full and do some basic moves. And I’m giving this advice specially to all those people out there who are crash dieting and often not eating anything at all.

Food is meant to be enjoyed. It’s one of those facets of life worth living for. Don’t deprive yourself of food. Eat. Be happy. Happiness gets rid of all mental anxiety and physical sickness.

Nothing gives as much happiness as food.

Happy Eating.

Believer. Reader. Brooder.