Friends of a Kind

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I thought I was running out of things to accentuate the importance of friends in our life and how they give us tremendous reasons to love them but then I keep getting reminded of some amazing new stuff which makes me want to write some more! So here it is, a piece dedicated to friends, not just any friends but friends of a kind.

We all have a bunch of friends in our lives and they usually form an important and an absolutely stunning part of it. They cannot replace our family but surely turn out being an extended one or as we like to say, our second family. When our mom dad or sibling fails to understand the reasons behind our ever changing moods or provide us with some life-saving advice on dating and stuff like that we turn up to our friends to look for some solace. They don’t just accompany us in all sorts of weird activities (like egging your ex’s house at midnight or helping you sneak out of your house for a crazy night-out!) but they also be with us in the hour of need.

friends of a kind

Friends come in all shapes and sizes. There are good friends, best friends, “more of an acquaintance” kind of friends, “always helping you out” friends or “almost as much a knuckle-head as you” friends among so many more.

But then there are friends who cannot really be defined by a word or in a line. You are truly lucky if you have them in your life. These are the ones with whom we have happily spent all sorts of times, including moments filled with insane laughter which will remain unforgettable for years to come and also the times when you said words and did things you aren’t really proud of and totally want to forget. You sure have experienced brief as well as elaborated moments of closure and empathy with those precious souls and each moment you spent with them was not just amazing but also worth cherishing forever. And it isn’t just a sweet mushy bond you share but more of a sugary and spicy one! What about fights you ask? Well, how can there not be any? In fact there are heated arguments happening every now and then which get accompanied by harsh words and your choice of swear words! But then they say “We fight with the ones we love the most.” Sometimes we fight just a little too much but when in the end it’s all about valuing them and the bond you have, you know they are truly your friends of a kind, a sweet, lovable and pretty amazing kind! And whenever you are with them everything just feels right.

Here is why you should absolutely have at least a few “friends of a kind”.

friends of a kind 2

Your friendship with them isn’t dependent on daily communication

Well of course we would love to do sit down for a coffee together and do endless chats every day but somehow we don’t feel the extreme need of it and even if our busy schedules doesn’t let us meet every day of the week or every week of the month, we can be okay with it since the level of comfort and the feelings for each other stay completely intact and the bond stays unchanged. And whenever you are together, even after a long time, you are again your usual fun self, loving the company of each other!

There is a feeling of belonging always underlying your friendship and strengthening it

How many people are there in your life with whom you get the feeling of “I would rather be here than anywhere else in the world.” Not too many, right? And the ones you do have are your ultimate precious ones which are definitely worth keeping. There is always a feeling of belonging with such kind of friends like they are your own and you are meant to be together. I’m not trying to sound cheesy but you know what I mean right?

They always think in your best interest

While a major portion of your friends doesn’t care about your problems and another portion is really glad that you have them, there are also few such people who sincerely think about your well-being. They care about what you do in life and how you do it and they don’t show it just in front of you but also deep down they want what’s best for you.

friends of a kind 3

We just can’t do without them

Now when I think of my group of friends whom I consider my “friends of a kind” I feel blessed of having found them. Because they didn’t just make last few years of my life enjoyable but also I have got no freaking idea about what I would have done had they not been there. Ever looked at your best friend and thought like that? Like how different and not so happening your life would have been in their absence? Yes? Then they are your friends of a kind and no wonder they are totally awesome and you definitely shouldn’t let them slip away, ever.

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