Fruity way to better Skin

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We spend fortunes on cosmetics that only cast a dent on our pockets and do no good to our skin, making it more prone to chemicals. These chemicals further damage the epidermis making it lack luster and lose its natural oils. Ever wondered that fruits having natural AHA’s can do a better job without spending a penny as they have all the needed enzymes and provide a host of skin related benefits? Just use the leftovers, here’s how:

Leftover Bananas for Radiant Skin

Leftover banana skin seems ugly with their rotten and over ripped appearance but they work wonders for your skin by making it radiant and supple. Banana skins contain an appreciable amount of vitamin A, B & E—most vital among skin vitamins. Vitamin E is crucial for your skin and makes it moisturized and taut. Just put the fruit skins in a blender, grind it into a fine paste this can be applied to the face and then rinsed-off after 20 minutes.

Leftover Lemon for Softer, Moisturized Skin

Lemon is one of the purest forms of vitamin C. Its citrus properties make it an excellent aid for reducing skin dryness. If lemon skin/pulp is applied to the hair, it helps to keep the scalp dandruff-free. Lemon enzymes tend to gnaw upon flaky dandruff apart from reducing secretions found among greasy, oily scalps. Lemon leftover is also rich in vitamins A & B. also lime juice helps reduce dark spots and blemishes. If you major acne problems, applying lemon juice directly on pimples will deflate and will also help removing the marks that they leave. Lemon juice mixed in cold water can be used as the last rinse during hair wash. It will add shine to your hair and also prevent any scalp infection.

Leftover Papaya for Rejuvenated Skin

Papaya extracts are commonly found in skin scrubbers. Therefore this determines the use of papaya as an effective skin beneficiary. Papaya is an effective cleansing agent and it contains a typical kind of enzyme which is used in cosmetic skin treatments. This enzyme feeds upon the outermost, blemished and pigmented part of the skin. Regular usage and applications of papaya leftovers is perhaps the most affordable solution to erase blemishes sustained from acne apart from rejuvenating the skin, rendering it an unmistakable glow. Papaya also improves complexion and gives an even tone to your skin without any side effects it being a natural cleanser

Leftover tomatoes for improved complexion

Tomatoes are an evident source of vitamin C and it improves your skin tone by reducing the melanin production and helps reduce dark spots, tomatoes can be applied in multiple ways. You can mix about two tea spoons of tomato juice in to one spoon of yogurt and apply it, this mixture will not only improve your complexion but will also reduce any blemishes or marks. Tomatoes mixed with lemon juice will work as double its power as lemon and tomatoes both are rich sources of vitamin C. add few drops of lemon juice into tomatoes and see the difference. Use this mixture thrice in a week.

Leftover oranges for fresher skin

Oranges are great for skin and the best part about them is that both their peel and pulp can be used. You can smash the pulp and apply it on your face and let it dry for about 20 minutes and then rinse off. The other way oranges can be used is that take the peel and let it dry in the sun for few hours after it gets dry and loses moisture grind it in a mixer till the time it becomes a fine powder. Now this powder can be used either directly just by adding rose water to it or it can be used in any other face pack. Oranges enhances your complexion and make your skin soft and supple. During summers an orange pack will help sooth the skin and prevent the after effects of sun darkening and sunburns.

 How they work and why they work?

Fruits are rich in enzymes and that is how they work in making your skin look fresher and cleaner, these enzymes work naturally with the added benefit of the vital vitamins that out skin needs. fruits are substantially rich sources of vitamin A,B, C and E. these vitamins reduce blemishes, help reduce the melanin production and also clearing your complexion. while vitamin A and E works toward making the texture of your skin better , vitamin C is known for giving you a radiant complexion. Although many creams promise you to give these vitamin benefits on a heavy price but they are mere cosmetics with harsh chemicals. But fruits have a natural way of making you look beautiful naturally. Also eating fruits will clear your system from within, and give the added glow.

The biggest advantages of these natural facial skin remedies include their easy availability, greater affordability as compared to artificial treatments and the promise of safety. Also you can use them round the year and they come for free without any expenses and have absolutely no side effects.