Gain weight and build muscles the healthy way

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Shedding weight is a nuisance for those who have excess fat and are considered obese and who need a perfect body. Then there are those who have problem gaining both muscle and body weight. A lot of such people have a hard time understanding the problem they have with gaining excess weight. The reasons may vary from the very basic one of eating less, or eating food with less nutrition value which lacks ingredients like fats and carbohydrates. The methods discussed in the provided article may only help to give you a better direction as firstly it is important to know the reason of your light weight. So consult your doctor before starting with any weight gain techniques.

As mentioned above, the reason of you being light weight may depend on several reasons. Some of them stated below are:

  • Not eating nutritious or extra food
  • The problem may be genetic
  • Over exhausting or active lifestyle
  • Over exercising

A number of factors like overuse of substances, disability, disorders related to eating and other medical conditions may be one of the reasons of a person being thin.

Get in touch with your doctor

The first and the foremost step one needs to take, is to get in touch with your doctor. No weight-gain solution should be used by you unless you first consulted it with your doctor. The doctor you consult can help you in many ways like:

  • He will check if you have a serious medical condition like hyperthyroidism which might be causing you to lose weight before gaining any.
  • He will make you realise your weight goal with respect to your height.
  • He will critically analyse the relation between your diet and physical activities you perform daily.
  • He will provide additional information on techniques and lifestyle changes that are required to be done in order to gain weight.
  • If the doctor feels so, he will further redirect you to other specialists like dietician.

Stress on the quality, quantity won’t matter

The most common reason why people stay underweight is the lack of required energy in the food. The other mistake people do, is that they gobble down food without knowing the nutrition value of the same. Eating nutrient-rich food should be the first priority of those who wish to gain weight. Foods like wafers, chips and soft drink will get you nowhere if you wish to strengthen bones, gain weight or build strong muscles. One should keep the following points in mind while pursuing his/her wishes to gain weight.

  • Keep count of all the calories you take during the day. You may be surprised to know that you are taking fewer calories than you thought you were.
  • Eat thrice a day and do not skip meals. Also try to make the servings larger than what you take currently.
  • People with small appetite are advised to eat more than thrice a day. Five to six times is advisable. If it is being difficult to eat so often, try to following technique, drink water before or after meals. Not with them. This should help you make room for food.
  • One of the most important aspects of weight gain is that you have foods with higher value of carbohydrates.
  • Adding extra dietary protein to your diet won’t help you as much. They won’t make your muscles grow any faster than how they grow now. Also, higher amount of protein provides unnecessary load on your kidneys.
  • Your ideal healthy snack includes yoghurt, low-fat custard, milkshakes, muffin, rice pudding and liquid meal supplements.
  • High-fat junk food should be avoided ideally. Choose instead foods with nutritious high-fat foods as nuts or avocado.
  • Your usual boring food should be topped with some concentrated calories like cheese. Peanut butter or almond butter is advised to be spread on your daily foods too.
  • Hot oatmeal or other cereals should be prepared with milk and not water. Again, add toppings of nuts, honey and other dry fruits over it.

The above methods will help you get a high nutrition diet but there are other methods too which are needed to followed to achieve your target. A good training is also necessary to gain weight and muscle fat. Change is lifestyle is also needed if you wish to gain some body weight

Weight gain training

Weight gain training is necessary for muscle growth and is generally achieved through the use of free weight, body weight, resistance bands and weight machines. One should however seek a professional help. Only a gym instructor, physiotherapist or personal trainer can help you achieve your goals with a reduced risk of injury. Train vigorously for short periods of time for two to three times a week. Give your body proper time to rest so that your muscles may develop.

Changes in your daily life

Weight gain measures will make you completely switch around your life. You may feel faithless once in a while as results come slow but once they start, you’ll understand the cause you’re fighting for. You may have to eat even when you’re not hungry. You may have gas as an increased frequency of eating food will cause bloating. So understand that the road to a healthy body with high muscles and body fat is a hard one. The journey is slow but once result start to hover above you, you will know the reason you’re fighting for.