Game of Thrones

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The book stores are swirling with fantasy books. It has been rightly said that there is no age to read fantasy. But there is this one fantastical series which has proved this to be wrong. This series as one of the most popular fantasy series of our times and it is known as the Song of Fire and Ice. Well this series is not for everyone, especially not for kids. Almost each and everyone has heard about the series through the very famous television series that is, the Game of Thrones. There are millions and millions of people who have gone crazy over this show and there are another millions of people who have gone crazy over this series written by George RR Martin.


The TV series is named after the first book of the series. The name of the book, that is, The Game of Thrones, says it all. As the name suggests, there are different people who are fighting for power and control. This series is set up in the mythical lands of Westros and Essos. The characters from both the places are fighting to gain control over the seven kingdoms which make up the Westros. The book takes only limited perspectives of people. In the first book, one sees these two mythical lands through the eyes of eight characters.

In this book there are only a few houses which are given the utmost importance. All the seven kingdoms do not make their appearance in the first book. The book basically starts with a prologue, which will leave one confused. But you needn’t worry as you go on reading it will slowly and steadily all make sense to you as to what happened and who was who. The prologue is no doubt very vague and one doesn’t seem to really understand what is happening, but after few hundred pages one goes back to read that prologue and it makes absolute sense.


The first and the most important family that makes it appearance in the book are the Starks. Even those who do not watch this series or haven’t read the book have heard about the Starks. Most of the story is seen through the eyes of the Stark family. The first and the foremost is Lord Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark, the Lord of Winterfell and the Warden of the north and also the hand of the king. Then comes his wife Lady Catelyn Stark. Together Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn have two daughters and three sons. But the story is seen from the point of view of both of their daughters and one of their sons’ Bran Stark. Lord Eddard Stark also has a bastard son named Jon Snow.

The book begins with Lord Robert Beratheon, the king of the seven kingdoms visiting Winterfell to invite Lord Eddard Statk to the King’s Landing, which is the capital of the Westros, to come and be the hand of the king. Along with him he brings his wife and children and the brothers of his wife. Robert Baratheon, a drunkard is married to the daughter of the wealthiest family in the Westros, the Lannisters. Cersei Lannister has two brothers Jamie Lannister and Tyrion Lannister. One sees the story through the eyes of Tyrion Lannister, who is a dwarf.


Beyond the narrow sea lies the land of Essos where lives our last important character of the book, Daenerys Targareyon. She is the blood of the dragon and belongs to previous ruling family of the Westros. After her father was over thrown by Robert Baratheon, then she and her brother moved beyond the Narrow Sea to Essos.

The last and the most important part of the book is the wall. The wall indeed has a very important role to play and as one goes ahead in the series it becomes of more importance. The prologue of the book talks about what lies beyond the wall. The wall is an ice wall which separates north from the whole kingdom. It was built to protect people from all the dark creatures that lie beyond the wall. The men who guard the wall are known as Men of the Night’s Watch.

This is just a synopsis of the book. If one is not an avid reader and decides to read this book then it can be pretty confusing for you. One of the reasons would be that, that there are so many things happening at once and that there are so many people at just one place that it is hard to remember all the names of the characters. Some of the names are really hard and sometimes there are two to three people with the same name. So if you are not an avid reader then you have to read this book very slowly.

One cannot simply doubt the writing skills of George RR Martin. The book is no doubt very well written. While reading, George Martin makes you feel very strong emotions towards the characters. The feelings that you are feeling are the ones which are being dictated by him and you just don’t feel it to be that way. There are very few characters which you will be indifferent about in the first book, but Martin is known for his surprise element so in the coming books there are a lot of different sort of things you will feel.


The book is undoubtedly extremely well written. It is full of surprises. Somewhere down the line you will be misguided but do not believe everything things will change later in the book so drastically that you will think of yourself as a fool for believing those silly things. The series is known for its gruesome scenes and sex. But there is a lot more to the whole series than that.

On an ending note, if you are a faint hearted person and cannot take too much bloodshed or fighting of any sort please avoid reading this book because it will give you that at very different levels. For all the future readers of this book there is only one and one warning for you, please do not forget that you have a life out of that book and that you need to eat and take a bath and also get some sleep. You will get hooked on to the book really badly so please see that you have loads and loads of free time before you start reading it. This one is for all the fantasy lovers who have grown up but still love to read fantasy. It is a perfect pick for you. This book will definitely leave a mark and will also make you want to start saying Lord and Lady. Just try and control that urge. Happy Reading.