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“A game is an opportunity to focus our energy, with relentless optimism, at something we’re good at (or getting better at) and enjoy. In other words, gameplay is the direct emotional opposite of depression.”

Video games.  Aah..its a blessing in disguise. Yeah you read it right. It is often said that they dull our senses or might even affect a person in a negative way if its all violence and bloodbath and stuff. But not necessarily, every game doesn’t have to have a machete or a chainsaw!

As times are changing, video games are looked upon as means of not just recreation anymore but also as tool for improving certain mood disorders too. People who can’t concentrate on a thing for a short period of time are often lured into playing video games by doctors (yes!) to help them.

For some people especially who happen to be slow learners or people who have difficulty coordinating  or happen to be suffering from dyslexia  benefit from playing video games as it often requires an excellent hand, eyes and brain coordination.

I bet there has been times when you played video games and had to decide in a jiffy whether to turn to your left or right to either avoid crashing or running into the police. Maybe sometimes you had to shield yourself in a different way to save yourself from the fire-spitting dragon. When and how do you decide that. This is often explained as a reflex reaction in order to save our characters from the upcoming dangers. Hence, what games do is they induce a power in you to decide and make decisions while you are on your feet. (Interesting, isn’t it?!) Therefore, it also improves your decision making skills.

That’s not all, when you play with a partner or a team, it inculcates in you social skills and also makes you a team player.

Extensive animations that are used up in the game from graphics to figures to their almost human like voices enhances in us a sense of creativity.

Though all that I said above is for the games that can be played for your pleasure but there are also some very educational games out there. There are many games which help you improve your grammatical and mathematical skills or even history! Some games even improve your puzzle solving skills which are believed to turn you into a problem solver in real life too! I mean could there be a better way to learn?

I bet every one of you have fallen sick once in your life and to deal with boredom, don’t you often play video games? It proves to be a great distraction for the mind and hence we often forget that we are sick!

For people suffering from conditions like dyslexia, playing video games that require aiming and shooting can prove to be of great help. It gives them the correct sense of distance, speed and time.

There have been many experiments around the world to prove that playing video games can actually improve your mind and body co-ordination.

Gaming is an also an excellent way to keep a tab on your emotions as you believe that achieving a certain goal in the game is absolutely necessary.

Gone are the days when you used to play video games with your partner sitting right next to you. Now you can hook up almost any game on the internet and play with or against any gamer around the world. In a pretty strange way, it makes you popular and a social butterfly as you start making acquaintances with people having common interests from all around the world.

This must be news to you that many HR companies and even military use video games as a test for their candidates to check their performance under virtual pressure system. Clinicians also believe that by dealing with violence on a screen can help soldiers to deal better with a loss in a real war.

So next time a parent says anything to you regarding video games, make them read my article okay?

Some games today are so based on the real life like the insides of a helicopter or a boat or a car giving you a firsthand experience of how it feels when you are behind the wheel. I do have many friends who say that for them it was much easier to drive a car as they had played video games based on it.

Another thing to keep your parents off your back is to tell them that’s its been proved that playing a video game doesn’t make humans aggressive, it is the frustration that shows when they play a game poorly or are unable to achieve a certain goal they wanted to.

I know you all must be thinking really highly for me, but then everything has its pros and cons. Make sure that you don’t confine yourself to just your room and forget that you have a real world out there too.

So play harder and a personal advice, invite your parents too, they can be real fun to play with.

Happy gaming!


Greetings everyone!I am Surbhi Sharma, an undergraduate science student from Delhi University.