How to Get Lean

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There are many people around who do hundreds of crunches and still keep complaining that they can’t “see” their six packs yet! You don’t get the six packs just by blindly doing the sit-ups, you need to lower down the overall body fat percentage, something that fitness models are expert into. If I give you two options of physique to choose from – one of a powerlifter and the other of a fitness model, most of you would go with the latter despite the fact that powerlifters are way too stronger than the fitness models.

Continuing the series on fitness, in this article, we shall see how to get ripped and increase the muscle definition keeping the body fat percentage at low levels:


  • Focus on isolated exercises rather than the complex ones. Complex exercises means the three major lifts – bench press, squats and deadlifts. They are the key to mass building. If you want to enhance the muscle definition, you should reduce your efforts upon these three, though not completely giving it up, and focus on isolated exercises like butterflies, pull-ups, leg extensions, dumb-bell biceps curls, triceps extensions, seated cable pullover, sprints and so on. Try to do a large number of repetitions, rather than putting big weights.
  • The Schedule should start with the heavy lifts. You don’t have to give up the big threes completely. In fact, the big threes should be at the beginning of your schedule, but you should finish them quickly. The point is to not make yourself completely exhausted in the big compound lifts – which we usually do when mass building is our target rather than the muscle definition.
  • Push the limits. If you can do 8 repetitions comfortably, then you could do 4 more if you would really push yourself beyond. Work out below the comfort level, and changes will be hard. Completely exhaust the muscle group you’re working on. When you get to the stage where you can’t do a single more rep, take a minute of rest and jump into it again. Break it down! You should feel the pain and burning sensation running through the muscles. Feel it and keep working on, keeping a normal breathing pattern.


  • Sleep, sleep and sleep. Muscles are recovered when you sleep. A good night’s sleep is more important than sweating in the gym to build muscles. When you’re sleeping, the old damaged muscle cells are reorganized to form new and stronger fibers. About 8 hours of sleep at single stretch should be enough. The mistake a few people do while getting lean is that they hit the gym twice a day hoping to burn more calories. That’s definitely not good. It may even burn your hard-gained muscles.
  • Try to do a full body workout every day. A full body workout will burn the calories faster. The exercises should have small rest periods (about a minute) between them and they should be continuously cycled into pushes and pulls. That is, do some biceps curls, take rest, and then do some triceps extensions. Next, you can do chin-ups followed by the pushups (alternate pushing and pulling).
  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day. Water is a metabolism booster, it aids in digestion, it helps to get rid of the toxin accumulations in the body, it keeps the body cool…literally water has a variety of roles. In terms of muscle definition, water will help burning the intervening fat reserves that are barriers to the definition.


  • Fuel yourself with proper diets and supplements. The recommended combination for losing fats are diets with high protein and fat content but with low carbohydrates. Incorporate a good amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. You may have to give up milk. Milk, though being a good source of protein, could again accumulate the fats between the muscles and your body might look a little bit less defined. You could replace the milk by whey protein for the time being.

You must not starve yourself to loose fat. When you give up upon food, the body metabolism drops accordingly, and you get nothing in result. An average person a day needs about 2400 calories a day to keep his weight maintained. If you’re on the getting-lean routine, you should lower the calorie intakes by about 25%, keep the margin of plus or minus 5% depending upon how fast your natural metabolism is.

  • Stuff with the big weights. Usually, it’s not a good practice to keep lifting heavy at large numbers when you’re on a getting-lean schedule. But, if you do lift heavy, make sure not to make out big reps. Keep the repetitions less than 10. Heavy weights build strength in the muscles and add up a little bit of mass too. The thing with heavy weights is that they boost up the body metabolism, hence they’re good for burning fat. But, at the same time, they add up more mass too, if you keep doing them in large repetitions.
  • Sprint! Many people just ignore this very effective method to cut through the fats and get those abs exposed. Long runs should be avoided and you should incorporate sprints in your workout schedule at the end. It has the greatest and the quickest ability to burn through the belly fats.


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