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“Tomorrow! I will start running from tomorrow and will get in shape in no time.” Let’s face it, we all have thought about getting fit and healthy by the means of jogging, but how many of us really ever land on the jogging tack or the treadmill? Tomorrow is the only place we ever jog in. Even though jogging is the simplest and the cheapest way to get in shape, yet we keep cheating ourselves out of it. We do not lack the strength, what we lack is the will. A little push and a little hard love for ourselves is all we ever need to start running. Let us look upon the A B C of jogging, and we might end up running.

If you’re running regularly you get:

  • Those extra strong muscles and bones. Your bones don’t know how strong they are. They only understand it when you run! Not putting your bones and muscles through proper weight bearing exercise will end up in weak and weary skeletal structure.
  • A powerhouse as a heart. The additional blood that your heart pumps while running will help strengthen your cardiovascular muscles kicking out any possibility of you getting cardiac glitches. The extra pumped blood will surely also bring a natural glow to your face.
  • A sleek body. All we want from a workout is burning those kilojoules of fat stuck to our beautiful body and we achieve it all by jogging.


Before running, a checklist:

  • A pair of good old running shoes. However the shoes you wear must be comfortable and not constricting. If they are, go to a local shoe shop and find a simple, comfy pair. You need not look amazing out there. You are out there to run and shed weight, your running habit doesn’t want you to buy a fancy pair each time you stop and start it.
  • Cosy, comfy clothes. Open your closet and find your gym shorts and a t-shirt that you seldom wear. Anything that stops you from breathing properly, discard it. It’s never going to help you, on or off the jogging track.
  • A place to run. You noticed that park you always cross while going to work or the track in your school? Good, get there and start running!

Things to remember:

  • Start with a warm up session. Before going berserk on your jogging track, start with a slow walking session. You won’t be able to do anything good with your body if you cramp it up. So walk slowly for 15 min, then a quick walking session of another 15 min will pump up your body enough for long running distances.
  • Keep those fluids coming. Drink water before running, while running and after running.  However keep the quantity of your drinking low. Drink enough water to help you perspire in a healthy way but do not drink so much that your stomach hurts.
  • Mix it up! You need not run on a daily basis. Running 5 days a week will ensure healthy workouts and less chance of overstraining yourself. Mix your running activity with healthy habits like swimming or any other sport of your choice.  Again, do not strain yourself on those days.
  • Cross out any areas with high pollution. Avoid running next to highways and busy roads. Inhaling poisonous gases will do you more harm than good.
  • Choose your running track wisely! Grassy surfaces are good. Running on hard surfaces such as concrete floors or loose surfaces such as loose sand will hurt your body.
  • A little music might be the final push. Plug in your i-pod and start feeling the rhythm of the beats. But it is advisable to keep the volume low. Aware yourself of your surrounding!

 While running, Mind:

  • Posture: Put some back into it! Do not lean. Keep your body straight. Look towards the skyline. When you do this, your body loves you back! It ensures muscles, free from any stress and your weight bearing bones take up all the weight it should take.
  • Breathe: Breathe while you walk. Breathe light and easy. To know if you’re breathing properly or not, talk, if you can’t talk properly you aren’t running properly. Slow down.
  • Arms: Your arms should be comfortable. Swing your hands in an arc. They should swing between your hip bone to your nipples. If you feel your fingers swollen after a run, it means you didn’t keep your arms comfortable.
  • Legs: Do not stress your legs. Keep them free and easy.

After you get back home:

Don’t stop exercising after you get back home. You do want to go running tomorrow too, don’t you? Stretch yourself. This will ensure cramp-free and a flexible body. So make sure you follow these steps and get back to running tomorrow.

  • You used your leg muscles frantically while running. It’s time to give them some stretching. So stand next to a wall and lean on it. This will stretch out your calf muscles. Slowly stretch out both your legs.
  • Lift your foot by holding it and bend your knee. Bring it to a height till that foot is near your butt. You will feel a stretch in your thigh and that’s the target area. Stretch both the legs. This will keep your knees safe.
  • Stand next to an elevated surface like a table. Put your leg up on it. Now straighten it. The back of your leg will feel stretched. Now put your other leg up and repeat the steps.

 Make it a habit:

Running is a habit. A very healthy habit. Your main goal is to build endurance, speed and to lose weight. Losing weight will take some time. So don’t feel discouraged in the first few days. Once you obtain this habit you will be surprised by the results. But remember these few points.

  • Run regularly. Once a week in not enough. Run thrice a week minimum.
  • Ignore the weather. Just be dressed enough and run.
  • Before running eat light and keep the fluids coming.

If you’re bitten by the run bug:

It’s quite natural when people get addicted to running. But when you do, you should start taking your running to next level. Start adding distances to your run. Give more time to it and when you feel even that is not enough, sprint. Sprinting will increase your endurance, stamina and speed. Your fitness will increase exponentially and you will feel the difference in your personal life. It is very normal when people with healthy habits become stress free and good natured. Their output in work increases and they get tired less often.

As said before, running or jogging will take you to fitness high, but only when you keep up with it. Get up, wear your shoes, and run. It’s never too late to obtain a healthy habit.