Getting rid of Dark Circles

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Dark circles have become a very common household name. Not just amongst middle aged women, but unfortunately it is also visible in some extent amongst the teenagers. Surely every grandmother has a remedy for this phenomenon. If not completely, these remedies will help you curb the effects of darkening to quite a great extent. Home remedies for dark are a hit especially in cases when your eye cream is no longer of any use.

First of all it is necessary to identify the cause of your black circle, only then you can try on the right remedy. Whether you need a serious dermatological opinion or they are signs of any worrying health problem. Eye discoloration can be due to factors like prolonged exposure to sun, inadequate amount of sleep, allergies to glucose based products. The cause can also be a hereditary one. Improper use of chemicals on face can also be a reason. Some people have facial features such that the shadow effect makes those eyes appear darker. For such a reason unfortunately nothing very helpful can be done.
The main reason causing the unwanted dark circles around the eyes is lack of a proper sleep. Agreed your busy schedules deprive you of that beauty sleep. But getting enough sleep will solve many of the problems revolving around your health. Therefore, get plenty of sleep at night. Lack of sleep makes the skin to become paler As a result, the appearance of darkness under the eyes is amplified. It also gives a tired, puffy and aged look on your face. Try getting the basic 7 hours of sleep daily without fail. Also avoid being stressed at all times because this is what takes a definite toll on your sleep and ultimately your health and beauty.

• Most important remedy is drinking lots and lots of water. The first advice patients get from their dermatologist is to keep themselves well hydrated always. Get adequate fluids to improve circulation.
• The most effective remedy for dark circles is popular all over the world. Applying slightly thin slices of cucumber your eyes is the simplest way to fight against dark circles. Not just that but it also brings a relaxing effect to the eyes. All you have to do is lay down on your back and close your eyes. Balance the two large thin slices of cucumber on your eyes, making sure they have contact with the skin under the eyes. Leave them on for about 15-20 minutes. Knowing the cooling, soothing benefits of cucumber slices, this remedy is worth a try.
• A potato is another effective trick. Use an uncooked potato to liquidize the whole potato. After that you need to scoop out and place the mashed puree of potato on your closed eyes. Lying on your back, keep it as it is for 30 minutes. Then wash off the face. It is an effective method against discoloration.
• It is advised to avoid extreme consumption of caffeine. If not internally, externally it can be a boon. The contents in tea bags especially caffeine and tannin, acts as a remedy for dark circles by reducing puffiness. It also helps to remove any water stuffed in the tissues around the eyes. Along with that, tea is an excellent source of antioxidants. No wonder many of the creams contain caffeine as one of the ingredients in them. And you can use a used and cooled out tea bag for that purpose. Cooling them overnight in the refrigerator also helps. It should be damp and fresh. Leaving it over your eyes for about 15 minutes will do the work.
• A spoon can also come handy here. All you have to do is put a spoon in the freezer for a couple of minutes. Remove the frozen spoon out of the freezer and cover the eyes with it. Let it remain in place until the spoon is warm again.
• Instead of a spoon you can also grab a swab of cotton, wet it and then freeze it for a short time. Then, gently use it to wipe under your eyes in the areas where the circles are occurring.
• It is necessary to eat a healthy, nourishing diet. A whole host of cosmetic problems can be attributed to vitamin deficiencies. Take care of any Vitamin b12 related deficiencies and hemoglobin reduction. Anemia can be another causing factor. Good calcium, magnesium content also needs to be maintained. For that, indulge in plenty of fruits and vegetables; green vegetables are beneficial without a doubt. A lack of sleep, additionally with poor vitamin absorption leads to reduction in adrenal function.

• Curb down on your smoking habit. In fact it is best to quit it for good. They affect the blood vessels in a very negative way. It is also necessary to watch out the levels of alcohol consumption.
• Excess consumption of salt causes the body to retain water in the tissues at unusual areas. This can be resulting factor in puffing of the eyes. It also affects the circulation and viscosity of the blood.
• Take the help of a dermatologist. At times cosmetic solutions can be fruitful temporarily at least. There are a number of ways to cover up dark circles under eyes using cosmetics. Apply an eye cream containing vitamin K and retinol as deficiency of vitamins is another prime factor of darkening. You can refer to an under-eye cream. Use of the right concealer that matches the tone of your face is another cool trick. Most concealers contain the necessary ingredients that reduce pigmentation problems, swelling of eyes.
• Wearing dark sunglasses for protecting your skin from the direct sun rays is necessary. The UV rays cause damageable harm to the skin, especially the region around the eyes which is even more sensitive.




  • Ahad Ammar

    Is it possible to apply concealer without having to use foundation all over the face to get rid of dark circles under eyes? Can you give us a tutorial on how to do this effectively? Many thanks!