Give your Best, Forget the Rest

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This world is not a very easy place to survive in. Every single day the competition seems to be rising and rising and rising! Charles Darwin’s theory which proposed ‘Survival of the fittest’ seems to be making so much more sense with each day. Everyone wants to be the best in his / her chosen field, everyone wants to make it large, but not everyone realizes that the journey to success is not all smooth and easy. There are so many hurdles, poised prettily, along the way – hurdles that will make you want to give up, that will make you lose hope, that will make you feel like a disappointment. However you must never stop, you must never give up and you must ALWAYS go on.
As clichéd as it may sound, the absolute truth of this world is that hard work is the key that opens the door to success. The only key! This simply means that you have to give it your best shot, each and every time you get the opportunity. You will fall, you w   ill lose, and you will feel dejected. But remember to stand back up, fight back, and give your best all over again. And once you have given it your best, forget about everything else. Do not succumb to this intense pressure that we seem to put on ourselves. Wait calmly for the results. Your hard work will definitely bear fruits. However, if things do not go the way you planned them to; don’t think of it as the end of the world. There’s no better motivation than failure to succeed. Take it in the right manner and you’ll definitely come back stronger and better. If we start taking each failure and disappointment to our hearts and we will never be able to bounce back. Things may seem dark at times but remember that brightness dawns on us right after it’s the darkest.











I’ve seen a lot of people who start to become so anxious about the results from the very beginning. So much so that it starts to reflect on their health. Why stress your poor little heart SO much, I ask! Come on, lighten up and please have a little faith in your abilities. Remember, in life, more than anything else, we need to have the courage to let things go. There will be innumerable times when the result just won’t be in your hands. So what does that tell us? That we can only work hard and hope for the best. This does not imply that we stop working hard or that we let go of our dreams. But all it means is that you should know when to hold on to something and when to let it go. The important thing is that at the end of the day when you close your eyes and lie down the only thought in your mind should be that ‘I gave it my best. I gave it my 100%. I couldn’t have done it any better.’ This is what will make you content. Knowing that you worked for something, utilizing your full potential, is a feeling that will satisfy you and a feeling that will never make you regret things later in life. Contentment is the source of all long-lasting happiness. So it is this feeling that is important, it is this feeling that you need to work towards. The amount of hard work that we put in should remain constant. Results may not always reflect your work but do not let that come in your way. Results speak for themselves, I agree. But they are not permanent. These are temporary, which can be changed in your favor if you don’t let anything stop you from following your dream and working hard for it.







Halfway through the article, I realize some of you may not agree with me when I say that some things are better if they are let go. I will try to elaborate what I mean by this and in what context I am urging you to let things go. When you really want something in life, your mind starts working and analyzing things in a different manner. You start working hard, day by day getting closer to your goal. But as you get closer, there’s also this fear that you start to develop. Fear of failing, fear of not being able to attain your goal. And when the stakes are too high, this fear starts to rise. With you controlling the fear initially, slowly the tables turn and it starts to control you, your emotions and your actions. The more you think, the more you worry about the results and the more you sweat over it. It is because of this fear that, in as much as 60% of the cases, a person is simply not able to live up to his potential. As a result of this the chances of failure rise significantly. It is this fear that I’m telling you to let go. Stop thinking about the results! Stop thinking whether you’ll make it the way you want or not. Take control of the fear and move forward with the satisfaction of working hard, with the satisfaction of knowing that it was your best shot.

People who are satisfied and have faith in their abilities are more likely to succeed than those people who don’t. Life does not necessarily have to be made more complicated then what it already is. It is not just the external environment that acts as a threat to us, but the major fight lies within us. We create barriers for ourselves, affecting our own performance. It is time to break these barriers and ride free.