Give your mind and soul a break!!

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 meditation and yoga


In today’s scenario we carry about us the burden of what thousands of people have said and the memories of all our misfortunes. In our daily schedule, our mind is indulged in various thoughts and works .It is not only our mental effort but also our inner soul which requires a deep introspection and only a meditative mind can see that which truth is and that which is not measurable by words. Meditation is the need of the hour. It is the break which our mind needs to take a glance for our inner soul and thoughts. The roots where a meditative mind can begin its introspection are the place where your mind never knows its presence and is free from all the hustle and bustle of life. The beauty of meditation is you don’t know where you are, where you are going, and where is the end.

It is very important to keep yourself calm, and your heart clear and transparent due to which our mind is never bound to something. A single disturbed thought can create thousands of distractions. It does not matter how much you live? How much money you have gathered? How much attention you have gained in your life? but the only thing that matters in your life is how much positive energy you have radiated in your surroundings and optimistic approach you had towards your life. Keep your best memories always in your mind that are very close to your heart and watch what happens. The positivity of mind is related to the positivity of the soul which the result of meditation. The mind is deflected in thousand directions but it is only through meditation and true introspection that our mind can walk in the path of peace and truth and have unidirectional approach.

Meditation allows our mind to take a deep dive in the sea of thoughts and thinking and take a glance of our inner soul. Meditation pushes our mind to extend its boundary of thinking,listening,and then responding.

Meditation is not bounded to just sit and think in a silent surrounding but it is can be further carried out by doing various activities like reading , writing, painting ,listening music, or anything which provides calmness to our mind and soul. These are some of the most nourishing forms of mediation discovered .By reading the writings of famous and most interesting minds in our history we are gradually meditating with our own mind. Meditation is a dissolution of thoughts in eternal awareness and consciousness without knowing much about thinking and merging of thoughts .We discover various unrealized thoughts which our mind have never encountered earlier. We need to create a needful change in ourself, in a workable way as a part of our daily lives. Above all be at ease, be natural and spacious as possible because it would help to think fearlessly without any limitations of thoughts.

Meditation provides all our negativity disarmed, all aggression and anger dissolved and all confusion evaporated because through mediation all our problems are solved, since answer to every question is obtained and solutions are verified by our introspection. Our queries are sorted only when we are able to undergo a peaceful and successful meditation.Acheiving a successful meditation is essential because most of us find it very difficult to keep ourselves calm and immerge our soul, heart and mind altogether. So it is essential to have love for your inner self and everything is done for you. When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossom. Meditation is a type of mobile device which can be used anywhere, anytime and as a problem solver, mood enhancer which revitalizes our inner self. It is not the way of making our mind quiet, it is the entering into the quiet that has been already there buried deep inside the million thoughts that the average person thinks every day. It is the reflection of who we are in reality and seek the reality. It is the mirror of the skills we practice when we sit which are transferrable to the rest of our lives. We give a direction to our approach and thinking, and getting into touch with reality. It is an essential tool in our journey of self transformation. It portrays our personality and our inner self as a person. We are provided with numerous powers and strength, which enables us to find a get-through for every problem and dealing with situations only with the help of deep meditation. It is ultimate way of connecting ourselves with god, which is again a mere belief which humans have accepted as their guide, a universal father like figure. We can extend the boundaries and can fill the gap between emotional, social, and moral beliefs through introspection. Our life is full of mysteries, confusions and essentially meditation is the way of unfolding those mysteries. Many questing and stressed people seek their solutions and relaxation through meditation. They seek for it in the various  religions like hinduism,islam, sikhism,christianity,buddhism and in religious manuscripts and ideologies but all these have reference to same thinking and have equal evaluations on different thinking.

Thus, meditation encourages us to rebuild ourselves and seek for our inner self .It is our willingness to preserve through our difficulty. It helps us to believe in present, live the moment fully without thinking much about its negative aspects and have an optimistic approach in life towards every situation because the development of inner calm and energy happens completely within and is not dependent on another person or particular situation, we begin to feel resourcefulness and a big relief. With the practise of meditation one can learn to love him /her and be more consistent to love others and lead a worthy life ahead seeking great possibilites