Go Ahead and Connect with Nature

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As the holiday season arrives everyone will find a million ways to get out and have fun. I am sure that all of you are gonna be sticking to your phones and laptops and will not a miss a chance to watch movies late at night and eventually end up sleeping late throughout the morning. And I am also sure that everyone’s idea of fun will be hanging out in the malls with friends or go out shopping. Well ya, all this is kinda cool and fun but you will definitely end up having too much of it one day.

So instead of just enjoying the man-made wonders, don’t you think that we should actually be enjoying the best of both worlds. On one side we have our man-made wonders and we all cherish it. But we tend to forget the other side. I am sure you all would have found it out by now, but I will still tell you. It’s NATURE. Nature has been in existence even before man and it is something that never ceases to amaze us. It is rich in beauty and resources and has been the reason for our existence but we all tend to neglect it and don’t even enjoy it.


Enjoy it? If that’s the question you all have now, I am sure that you don’t even realize what it has in store for us. When you are on a holiday, instead of taking a trip to the mall with your friends, why don’t you all take a nature walk. Well, for some of you it may sound boring, but trust me it won’t let you down. for those who don’t know what nature walks are, the name itself says it all. It means walking with nature. This can be a walk in your nearby park or for the more adventurous, it can be a walk through the woods.


If you think this is just a waste of time and is really boring, you are totally wrong. Nature walks have many health benefits as well. They are a great way to soothe your mind as they have a calming effect and help us relax. It is definitely a great stress-buster for today’s world where each and every one of us are on the edges. But of course, you will have to spend an important resource if you want to feel the full effects of this walk. Well, I am sure you won’t mind spending it because it is gonna be worth it. That valuable resource is nothing but time. Because the best way to enjoy nature walks is to TAKE YOUR TIME.

Then next comes the thought of how to choose the right place for nature walks. An ideal pace lets you appreciate nature’s tranquility and subtle gifts while still getting some exercise. It is definitely a form of exercise because walking is a great way to burn your calories. So nature walks not only help you burn calories but help you relax as well. Two birds bagged in one stone right? A walk in the wilderness is sure to refresh your spirit. If you can’t go to the wilderness at least do take a walk in the park that is rich in greenery.



But of course, if you want to get the true the true essence of this walk, you have to follow the golden rule especially if you are going to go with your friends. I am sure it’s going to be difficult for many but you will have to do it. AVOID TALKING. Exactly!! If you want to refresh your mind and spirit how is it gonna happen if you chatter nonstop. And also talking makes it difficult to tune in to nature.If you are a talkative person and if it’s gonna be difficult for you to avoid chatter, it’s best if you enjoy the walk alone. But if you really wanna enjoy the walk with your friends there are a few tips to avoid talking and getting distracted. Given below are a few tips to avoid chatter.

  • Listen closely to the chirping of birds and insects, the rustling of leaves, and the sounds of earth underfoot.
  • Draw all your senses to one thing and pay attention to how it looks, smells and feels.

It’s not necessary that you have to go only with your friends. Nature walks are a great way to connect with your family as well. In today’s scenario, we hardly spend time with them. So go ahead and plan a walk. I am sure you and your family will cherish it for a lifetime. If there are little kids in your home, be sure you make them understand that they have to stick beside you and also educate them that they should not touch anything. All these precautions are to be taken, if you are gonna go into the wilderness. But of course only if you in the wilderness, you can get the true essence of the walk. These walks provide a vast array of rare opportunities for your kids to learn a number of things and they will also be thrilled to explore and find out new things. Make sure you take a camera along, so that you can capture all the beautiful species you see and can also make an activity out of it for the kids by asking them to identify what is there in the photo. You can also take along a basic field guide as your child may be very interested in learning about the birds or butterflies you see.

I am sure that you now understand how much nature has to offer us and how we don’t realize its potential to heal everything around it. I am not asking you to to ignore the man-made luxuries. I am just saying you to not ignore nature and enjoy its full potential and also to not neglect it because nature is something that gives us life and we too have equal responsibility to care for it and cherish it.