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We are all living in the world which is glorified more by selfish and arrogant people. There seems to be of no importance for the basic values which were flooded in the human beings centuries ago, like being kind, humility and compassion. The world is nowadays running at a very high speed towards more of a technological and rigorous one. The daily routine activities nearly jam us up and hence, we can neither concentrate on our personal development nor can we have a better sight of our goals. There have always been debates going on throughout the world among different people of different cultures, traditions, values and beliefs about what is good and what is not. We should always identify our personal values to understand what goodness is. It can easily be understood that ‘goodness’ is the first step to success and happiness. We need to love people around us just the way we would like to be loved. This world mainly exists on a ‘give and take’ basis and not just gives or takes.



What matters in our life is not just the outer goodness but also the inner one. We should always be pure at heart and also be ethical to the most possible level. We should keep on observing people around us and always consider their views regardless of how much they know something that we don’t know.Parents keep on telling us to be good from our very early age but the fact is that, we need to be good for our own self and not because we need to impress someone or someone has ordered us. We need recognition, respect and reward. But above all these, we need to be good for our own satisfaction.

We should keep out of bad things to become a good person but not just keeping out of it is going to help us. We should even be more active towards doing the good stuffs. We should not just begin to be good but always be good!

So, we want to be good and we pursue our actions to be good. But, one thing we all human beings forget often is that, every attempt towards goodness will never end up with good results. Some may turn out bad! When we feel the essence of badness in our attempts, we should always feel free to reconsider our views, steps and actions and take necessary decisions to rectify it.

Sometimes, teaching others actually help us to learn more! We should always have a broad mind with good intensions and should always help others in being good. Like it’s always said, “Committing a mistake is a fault, but supporting a mistake to be committed is a CRIME”, we should never keep our mouth shut when we find people indulging themselves into bad stuffs. Instead, we should teach them how to be good and what goodness is all about!

We all love our wives, parents, children, pets, etc but we should even love ourselves. So how do we do it? Well, by taking some steps towards our society, bringing a smile on others’ faces, helping the aged cross the street, stop throwing the trash onto the road and many other such small steps. After all, the real happiness is always hidden in small acts we do to bring a smile on others. We need to keep on understanding what goodness means to us and should also observe ourselves how we act in subtle and complex situations.

Relationships are really important in everyone’s life; especially such relationships which can bring out the goodness hidden deep inside us. Yes! You read it right! Goodness is hidden deep inside every one of us and it’s just the time and the way we bring it out that matters! Sad, some people never decide to bring it out and thus end up as bad people indulged in bad conducts. Relationships which teach us what life is and how to live a peaceful life are invaluable and help us a lot in becoming a better person and doing good things.

We people generally have a habit of gossiping about others and also focusing more on the bad things. But, it is always a good step taken by us when we stop thinking about the bad and start seeing the small good things happening around us. There are many good things happening around us and many times happening to us!


  • Being original and ourselves.
  • Respecting people around us irrespective of their caste, creed and career.
  • Telling the truth as lying hurts others’ feelings.
  • Taking better choices.
  • Being positive in every situation.
  • Being a good listener than a talker.
  • Complimenting others for their success.
  • Looking at the brighter side of life.
  • And more importantly once again, LOVING OURSELVES!

I am a writer, who loves to scribble about every possible thing that comes in my way, in my mind and in my life! I write feature stories about people and places exceptionally different from others in some newspapers and also write poetry when I am in relaxed state of mind. I am also into music composing and singing. I love advertisements too and I read newspapers and magazines just to see how creative the advertisements are! Visit for more details.