The goodness in a salad bowl

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A salad bowl.A bowl of goodness which we usually ignore when we get down to eat our food.Unaware of the benefits it gives.The reason why it is said that we start our meals with a bowl of salad.

Today in this hectic life,our lifestyle plays a very important role in the kind of food we eat.We usually go for food which feels good  to be chewed and can be grabbed when on the run.

So what does a salad bowl contain?It has raw cucumbers,onions,lettuce,tomatoes.They provide us with the necessary fibre and roughage are body requires.It may not be used in our bodies as a form of nutrition but they do in the absorption of other minerals and nutrients.Secondly,many of their properties our lost when they are cooked deriving us of its advantages.

They are useful to us in every season of the year.The reasons for which you will find out when you read further.


Personally I just love onions especially with a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

We are often told to consume them especially during summers as they protect us from the harmful effects of” loo”.The heat wave that blows in the city.Onions happens to have a lot of good effects on us than we know of.It helps us to boost our immunity as it increases the efficiency of vitamin C absorption in our body.They are especially good for people suffering from diabetes as it regulates blood sugar and keep our hearts healthy.They have a lot of fibre which helps in regulating normal bowel movements. Ever thrown the green leaves of spring onions?Now don’t because they are especially good for the eyes as they are a rich source of vitamin A.One property of onions that very few people know about is that it is used for medicinal purposes also.


WE often segregate this one particular vegetable or fruit(According to scientists it is considered to be a citrus fruit.) from our meals.But tomatoes are extremely good for the skin and eyes.They contain antioxidants and free radicles that protects our body cells from getting damaged hence preventing their premature death.They have a very low amount of fats and calories therefore are good for diabetic patients.It is believed that tomatoes also helps in preventing cancers.


Big,bright green leafs which have a smooth texture and are crunchy when chewed.We often do not eat it because of the lack of flavours as it is pretty much bland if eaten without a few toppings.Try eating them with a bit of melted butter ,salt and pepper.(My mouth waters by just thinking of it!)It becomes a dish which would be fit to be presented to the gods.

They contains a high amount of vitamin C and cellulose which provides the necessary roughage to our body.Hence they are extremely good for the stomach and the intestines.Since they belong to the family of green leafy vegetables they increase the levels of oxygen in our blood.


They happen to be a reservoir for water and many minerals.I would give this vegetable the title of ‘King of Salads’.

It comes with plenty of benefits when eaten or when applied externally as a beauty treatment.Since it has a high content of water,it is extremely good for the summers as it refills our body with water which is lost in the form of sweat and hence helps in maintaining a normal body temperature.As it is ‘cool’ vegetable(literally),it has a lot of healing properties as well.It is good for the stomach and proves to be a balm for ulcers.It is often applied on the eyes to soothe the puffy tired eyes and have a calming effects when applied on areas affected by the harsh sun.They are extremely good for people suffering from high blood pressure.Do not forget to include the skin as it contains the most amount of minerals and nutrients.(Try cucumbers with a bit of mayonnaise and mustard sauce.They become lip-smacking yummy!)


So next time don’t ignore that bowl of goodness.For people like me who are fussy eaters(but honestly we are nothing in front of koala bears),try these with  different sauces and toppings.It would give your taste buds a boost and you might end up eating the whole bowl!(I personally love it with a bit of melted cheese and lots and lots of oregano.)You can even add germinated sprouts which are also extremely good for health as some fruits like apples and grapes too.They give it a sweet taste and hence encourages us to eat it!

You would notice that salads helps in building up your appetite, to maintain your weight and also prevents you from overeating.For people trying to lose a bit of weight, this bowl could be your best friend.

This one bowl can make your stomach and body extremely happy and even your parents too!

So invent your toppings and sauces(It is always exciting to experiment in the kitchen) and give your taste buds a blast of new irresistible flavours and your body some power packed nutrients and minerals.

And yeah the best part?It hardly takes any time to prepare(and even to finish for that matter)!

Greetings everyone!I am Surbhi Sharma, an undergraduate science student from Delhi University.