The Great Gatsby : Pick or Drop?

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The beginning of the 20th century was about the Jazz age. Many a books have been written during that age which have caught the minds of the people. That age was no doubt very fascinating. There were many a great people who were born in that age. One of such great people was F. Scott Fitzgerald. An extremely well-known author. Fitzgerald was one those men who was consumed by the Jazz age. He is an author of some of the greatest books which have been written and one such book is The Great Gatsby.


Almost everyone has heard about The Great Gatsby and many have read it and those who haven’t have surely seen it. The Great Gatsby is set up in New York during the Golden Jazz Age, when everyone seems to have been living the American Dream. People partied too hard and it was the age of the alcoholics. Fitzgerald himself was one. Published in 1925, The Great Gatsby wasn’t such a big hit as Fitzgerald had expected it to be. It was quite the contrary the book hardly sold. But while writing the book Fitzgerald was quite confident that this book was going to be his master piece, which it later was considered to be so years after his death.

The Great Gatsby is a book about a mysterious millionaire, Jay Gatsby, who lived right next door to Nick Carraway, the narrator of the story. Jay Gatsby is the lover of the beautiful and the enchanting Daisy Buchanan, who is married to Tom Buchanan, a polo player and was at Yale with Nick. Nick, who is also a second cousin to Daisy Buchanan.

The book begins with Nick moving to the bustling and hustling city of New York and shifting to Long Island, West Egg and his cousin stays right across the bay in the East Egg. After he moves in, his cousin Daisy invites him for dinner over to his place where he meets the famous golfer, Jordan Baker. The night takes its own twists and turns, when he ends up finding out that his friend Tom Buchanan has a woman in town. After a few days, Tom decides to take him out to the Yale club, but instead they stop by in the mid-way to the city in the ‘valley of ashes; where Tom introduces Nick to his ‘woman’ Myrtle, who is a wife of a mechanic. As the day goes on the example of how that age was consumed with alcohol comes up, but many more such incidents follow up in the book.


Till now Nick hasn’t met his millionaire neighbor, but is aware of the rich and the lavish party he throws every weekend, where people come loaded in cars. One fine day, he gets an invitation to one of his parties and he decides to go. Not knowing anyone there Nick decides to get drunk but he meets Jordan Baker there, who helps him to find Gatsby. His meeting with Gatsby is a strange one. As time goes by they start to spend more and more time together. Until one day when Gatsby decides to take Nick out for lunch and after lunch he meets Jordan for tea and finds out the whole truth about Gatsby and his cousin Daisy and so he decides to fix a meeting for them.

So, the book even though narrated by Nick Carraway, is a love story of Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. It’s a story about man who refused to give up hope and love for the women whom he felt married to but could not actually marry because of the fact that he wasn’t rich enough to provide for her and how he struggles to be a rich man, so that one fine day he could go back and sweep away the love of his life and have her in his life forever. Gatsby is no doubt portrayed as the great lover and a patient man and someone who would do anything for love.tgg_feature_BIG

On the other hand is Daisy Buchanan, a delicate and self-consumed woman, who is no doubt in love with Jay Gatsby and has been in love with him for ages but could not commit to him because he was not rich. After a point she even refuses to stand up for the love of her life. As the time comes she throws away everything in a careless manner as if nothing ever mattered. Very few people know that the character of Daisy was inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald who was the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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The book is not very long, but its content makes one so spell-bound that one keeps on reading and finishes it so quick. But finishing a book fast does not mean that it does not sink it. Great Gatsby is one such books which will make one think over it not for days but for years and years to come. The book leaves such a mark and especially the ending makes one wonder such questions that one usually doesn’t ponder upon for too long. Even though the book did not do well during it’s time, but it indeed is one of the best books of all times. It’s one of the must reads, as it makes one come face to face with the truth that we all have been avoiding for a very long time. The book has been based in the Jazz Age, but not much is different. The set-up is so enchanting, but the lives of the people involved in that set up is so dull and self-consuming, that it makes one loathe every part of their being.

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The way Fitzgerald has written it makes it more interesting. The language which has been used in the book is spell-binding. Some people say that reading all of these extremely popular books is over-rated, but there are some books like the Great Gatsby which one needs to read at least once in their lives. It would be too much to say that it is one of those books which can change your life, but it surely is one of those which will stay with you in your days to come. So the book is definitely a pick.