Your Guide to Trendy Nails

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Women all over the world learn to coat their beautiful nails with different colors since they are adolescents. Nails are the most attractive part of our hands and certainly enhance the whole look and beauty if maintained properly.

Be it teenagers,college students or working women, females all over the globe like experimenting and keeping up to date with the trends concerning nails. The nail industry itself has grown over the years due to growing interests of women in trying out new trends and sporting them with confidence. Nail bars/ nail salons have opened all over the world in every city and almost every shopping mall we come across and they certainly have a wide range to offer to beautify our nails

Here are some top trends concerning nails which definitely make the our hands look prettier and outfit look amazing if we sport them!

Nail Art

Nail art

Nail art has become a big trend over the years, with a wide variety of designs and styles to go for. After all who does not like their nails to be beautiful! . Nail salons offer nail art by painting the nails with different colours and painting patterns on them. Patterns include small, medium or large designs depending on the preference of the customer .
The most trending designs include floral patterns. Flowers of different color and designs and sizes makes the nails look beautiful and feminine, hence there is a wide variety to choose from.
Nail art these days is done by hand paint, acrylics and even gel. When it comes to nail art, solid colors and intricate designs prove the best.
These distinct styles can be created at home too. By using paint brush and losing it’s strands a bit, it can become one handy tool to apply different colors of nail paint to create patterns on a solid color!
Nail pen is the best option to do it by yourself .One can create polka dots, leopard prints or abstract designs to get the edgy look.

Nail embellishment

If one does not just want different designs ‘painted’ on the nails, they can go for embellishments on the nails too which makes the designs even more prettier and the nails stand out.
There an be a variety of add ons which can be experimented with such as stones, bows, crystals, glass beads shells and what not!
To keep it understated and yet to follow the trend, one can apply jeweled embellishments to selected fingers and flaunt the nails which will definitely make you stand out!
Weather these accessories are used on the tip of the nail, in the middle or at the bottom, it can be used in variety of configurations.
In nail embellishments, less is more to keep it classy.
One can by these accessories or simply jewelled material at home which is not going to be used and stick them up with nail glue to do it yourself at home!
One has to be careful while eating and cooking with these accessories on your nails.

Nail stamping

After a coat of a solid nail color, nail stamps are used to transfer designs on the nails which are set patterns and look cleaner and accurate than making the designs yourself by free hand. As these stamps are of fixed shape, every nail gets to have the same design with accuracy and minimum chance of mistake.

Apart from stamping, Vinyls are used to get the design on nails.
On the painted nail, Vinyl is placed an then painted over. As the Vinyl is removed the pattern on the nail gets painted and looks perfect . These are commonly used for popular patterns like leopard print and are easily available in the market too.

Nail extensions

Nail extensions these days are trending all over the world. Females who find it difficult to grow and maintain long nails naturally, opt for nail extensions.
These extensions are artificial nails placed on the nail bed.
Extensions come in various lengths and shapes depending on the customer.
The shape also varies from flat, wide to pointy which can be adjusted to the customers length preference.
These extensions aren’t just plain nails, but nail art and designs can be customized for the person depending on the outfit.
These extensions generally do not come of for 1-2 months depending on how you maintain them.
Now a days gel nail extensions are also becoming a rage . A hard gel product is used on the nail which hardens up and forms the nail extension. Different options are available in salons in nail extensions.

Ombre nails


Ombre nails have become an instant liking with females as it is easy to sport and looks different at the same time. In this type of manicure, a gradient effect is created using two solid colour of nail paints.
It can be done both ways, using light color at the bottom and darker on top Or darker colour at the bottom and rising and fading into a lighter shade, which depends on the preference.
Teaming this with a metallic shade also works wonder with this look.
Ombre nails look best with both longer length of nails and even Short ones.
To do it at home may take time and practice but once you get it right you can flaunt the look at it’s best.

Matte nails

Matte nails look classy and edgy at the same time. This look is created by using a solid colour of nail paint without the gloss or shine.
Shiny and glossy nails have been sported by ladies since time immemorial, but matte nails are one look which doesn’t fade away.
Matt nails can be teamed up with metal nail paint on the tips just to provide extra edginess and give it a party effect.
A solid color like Mauve, or cream when used as matte proves best for work and makes your hands look prettier.
There is also ways to do it yourself at home which saves you the bill of the salon too and get the look in an instant!

French manicure


The ever classy, beautiful and classiest way of maintaining nails: The french manicure is the favourite with ladies all over the globe.
Be it 10 ladies sporting it at once, but never will it look common, because it makes your nails look healthy, cleaner, longer and well maintained at the same time. Not to forget the hands look prettier and graceful and people can’t help but notice how much you pay attention to the detail when you sport french manicure on your nails.
By using white nail paint on the tips of your nails and covering it with a light colored nail paint and gloss gives you a home made french manicure
if you want to achieve it with perfection, french manicure kits are available in the market and that too being lighter on the pocket.
Nail salons provide the best french manicure as they are professionals, but once you learn how to do it yourself at home, there is no stopping you to sport your nails in a way you never felt more proud of