Hair care

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Hair care

We all love our hairs and care the most than any other thing right? Obviously yes we all take what not measures to keep our hair well intact and the best way it can stay. Hair is one of the most important aspect of your body. However beautiful you may look but if your hair is not healthy enough to flaunt it will not give out the best look as you want. Nowadays due to application of color, mehndi, dyes, dust, pollution hair problems are increasing, hair fall is also increasing. Proper care and attention will be able to restore its bounce and glossy shine once again. Firstly one needs to their hair type to follow the hair care procedures. For finding your hair types follow a tissue paper test:

  1. Wash your hair with a shampoo day before.
  2. Take a tissue paper and press it on the Centre of the head and behind the ears. If you find oil in the tissue paper that means you have oily hair. If it is not oily then you have dry hair.
  3. If you have oily head and dry ends then you have combination hair.

*After knowing your hair types then proceed for your hair treatment accordingly.

Those who have normal hair follow the following tips:

  • Wash your hair once a week with shampoo
  • Apply a little shampoo on the head, rub in well with the tips of your finger then allow the shampoo to run down the hair length. Do not rub the ends of the hair vigorously.
  • If the hair occasionally looks as it needs conditioner then mix yolk of two eggs in a cup of Luke warm water and beat together.
  • Massage it into the head then cover your hair with a polythene bag and leave it in place for 10 minutes.
  • After this rinse the hair with Luke warm water and then shampoo it.

Those who have oily hair follow the tips below:

  • Wash it just before it starts looking and feeling sticky once in 4 days. If not washed for long may cause spots on face and back.
  • Choose a lemon-based shampoo and pay attention to the head when massaging the shampoo in it. Rinse it thoroughly.
  • Add a little vinegar to the final rinsing water to leave the hair very clean.
  • If a sudden shampooing is needed try to do with this dry shampoo. Divide your hair into sections and fluff a little multani mitti powder through each section. Rub in well and leave for 10 minutes. Multani mitti powder absorbs most of the grease and dirt. But remember for this shampooing your head must not be very dirty.


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Those with dry hair follow the tips given below:

  • Shampooing once a week is needed for this hair type followed by conditioning.
  • Rinse the conditioner off very thoroughly to avoid stickiness.
  • Follow this treatment once in 15 days- take 2 tablespoon of olive oil make warm a little and massage it into the hair. Cover your hair with a polythene bag. Cover the bag with a warm towel in a turban. Leave it for half an hour then rinse away thoroughly and shampoo your half in the normal way.
  • If your hair tends to fly away avoid using hair spray. Instead put a dab of cream conditioner on your brush before styling your hair.
  • If your head is dry do this massage with fingers a little apart and press the pads of your fingers hard itself, not your fingers. Now move your hand to another part of your head and repeat the process.

Those having combination of hair:

  • Wash as soon as you feel your head itchy and dirty.
  • Do not rub the shampoo into the dry ends. Instead massage the shampoo into the hand and let a little of it running through the hair length.
  • After that use the conditioner on the ends only.
  • Have the dry ends trimmed regularly.

Some of the overall tips which one needs to follow:

–          Eat plenty of protein containing foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, cut fried foods, starches, sugary foods.

–          Wash your hair at least once a week.

–          Go for hair trimming every four to five weeks once to get rid of split ends and have the hair styled.

–          Do not brush hair when it is wet but use a smooth edged wide tooth comb. Do not use hair dryer which will cause split ends.

–          Massage at least once a week to increase blood circulation and blood supply to hair roots. If one has oily hairs avoid this.

–          Condition your hair at least once a week

–          Protect your hair by covering your hair when in sun.

–          Never over wash your hair as it may take away the natural hair oil from the scalp.

–          Do not apply shampoo directly always mix it with half mug of water dilute it and then apply.

–          To prevent hair losses do not leave them free at least when you are at home tie them up.

–          Comb at least 3-4 times a day to make blood circulation.


–          Use coconut oil to reduce the hair fall.

–          If you have dandruff take care of it at initial stage so that later it won’t create a problem.