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Mousses, creams, straightening irons and serums can make your hair look good for some time, but what when you wash off the vanity? The same old frizz strikes back with a bang and all you can do is curse the nature for a bad hair day. And you start finding a quick fix to bring your hair in the best possible state, further damaging your hair with all the heated styling products and the chemicals induced cosmetics. The best way to keep your hair healthy and shining with all its strength is to make it strong and healthy from within. Here are some tip that will stop you from all the wrong you’re doing to your hair and let help you gain back the strength that you have been missing in your hair. So leave the cosmetics behind and take care the organic way, giving up on all things artificial for some time. Give your hair the ultimate TLC experience making them better than ever before. Shining with all its strength and health.


Avoid heating products:

Your blow dryer, so do your curling iron and your straightening iron make your hair dry and take away all the moisture in your hair. Avoid over heated equipments on your hair as they squeeze out all the moisture in your hair making it dry. Always use low heating settings while using a blow dryer, if necessary. If you are using a straightening iron always use a ceramic coated one, this won’t cause excessive damage to your hair also use blow dryers with nozzles that evenly distribute the heat and help drying quick. You can use natural organic heat control serums and conditioner to keep your hair hydrated while it undergoes any heat related treatment. Also never use heating equipments in wet hair and they induce frizz into your hair. Wet hair is more vulnerable to damage therefore one should never use flat irons and curling irons on your wet hair, one should not even run comb through wet hair as they break easily when they are wet.

Take a nourishing treatment:

Dry, damaged and frizzed out hair needs some real damage control and deep nourishing treatment. So don’t shy away in booking a spa treatment. But make sure it doesn’t involve heavy chemicals but it is an organic one. An organic spa treatment will bring back the lost luster and the gloss that your hair has been missing because of all the heat and pollution that our hair encounters each day. Also a spa treatment will restore all the missing nutrients that your hair has been craving for. So go for a deep conditioning spa treatment that oils your hair well and get back the hydration and the moisture your hair needs.

Take good care:
At home, you can use a natural recharge range of shampoos and conditioners to replenish your hair’s natural gloss and strength. It will help to strengthen, nourish and recharge tired hair, making your hair look thick and healthy. Regular oiling help in restoring the moisture your hair has lost due to the evaporation of all the natural oil that your hair had. Therefore oil your hair and keep it night long so that not only your hair but also your scalp receives the nourishment.

Home remedies:

There are loads of home remedies that can help you but the easiest one is eating well. Eat your proteins right and you are good to go. Eggs a breakfast staple are great for your hair, so eat eggs to retain your hair’s shine and strength. Also you can you use eggs as a hair pack for your hair. All you’ve got to do is apply them for around twenty minutes and then wash them off. This will help you get the bounce in your hair without using any artificial hair product. Also many oils such as almond oil and castor oils help nourish your hair and make your hair quality fine and shiny. Also you can use henna pack to get use hairs essential nutrients back. Also honey is a great moisturizer. Mix a little yogurt with curd and apply that on your hair for around half an hour and then wash it off with warm water. Honey will make your hair soft than ever before and yogurt will nourish it from within. If you are suffering from hair loss due to dandruff in your hair, very easy remedies in applying neem paste. All you have to do is boil neem leaves and then make a fine paste by grinding them. Apply that paste and keep it for some time and then wash it off.

Here’s how you can regain your hair’s luster back with all its strength, all you have to do is to keep away from heating equipments for some time and give up on those cosmetics whose chemical contents is ruining your hair. Also look around there are ample home remedies that can re boost your hair making them soft and shiny. Use the styling product but under limits only when they are inevitable and you are ready to go.