Hair Loss – Causes and Prevention

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Hair loss – these two words strike fear in the heart of each and every human on the planet. If someone says to you that he/she isn’t bothered about hair loss know that either it is a big, fat lie or they already have a wig on their heads. But honestly, who among us would want a receding hairline?
From the times of Rapunzel beautiful, lustrous long locks have been a prized possession. They have always been associated with beauty and grace. In today’s world where good looks have become the top priority in our lives, hair is seen as every person’s crowning glory (literally). So what happens when hair loss begins or, worse, increases? The first instinct of everyone is to simply change shampoos. The second is to oil our hair and consult our neighborhood know-it-all aunty for some ghar ke nuskhe. What follows is a series of home-made hair packs, mehendi sessions, shikakai packs and what not after which we eventually either give up or start falsely believing that our hair has really become better.
What we intend to do with this article is simple – we are going to look at the root causes of hair loss and then find simple, scientific and effective solutions.

The Causes:
Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors – One of the main causes usually is genetics (about which, sorry to say, there is little that you or me or anyone can do). But there are a number of other factors too such as an improper diet, excessive stress, mineral deficiency, high levels of pollution. Most of us lead such busy stressful lives these days that we don’t even have time to relax, sit down and have a nice, healthy home-cooked meal – all these things contribute heavily to hair loss. Another rather ironic cause of hair loss is wearing helmets. Yes, that which provides you with so much protection while driving on the crazy roads does have a downside as well. Let me add here that we are in know way against wearing helmets while driving. On the contrary we are strongly in favour of the practice –merely stating a point.

Methods of Prevention:
1. Although there are many known effective surgical procedures to combat hair loss, but we wont be moving in that direction right now. Surgical procedures are not only much more extreme but also extremely expensive as well. One should look towards surgical options only once you have exhausted all non-surgical options and are convinced that there is absolutely no other way out. Here ijn this section we’ll talk about some simple, effective and hassle free solutions that you can easily follow at home and which will prove to be helpful if followed properly and with dedication.
2. First and foremost, know your hair type – is your hair dry or oily or both. Are you losing hair from the roots? Are you experiencing dandruff and/or any other hair related problem?
3. Use a mild shampoo that does not contain strong chemicals that can be harmful for your hair. A common reason for increased hair loss is when we use a shampoo that is too strong for our hair type. Simply go to a chemist and ask him for a mild shampoo. Also, these days internet is a mine of information – do a bit of research and try to figure out what works for your hair. Rinse your hair gently with a mild shampoo daily or on alternate days or whichever way is suitable. Using a strong shampoo may give your hair extra shine or fix that dandruff problem that you have been having but it will not aid in the hair fall prevention process.
4. Avoid using a hairbrush on wet hair. Let them dry first and then gently comb them. Also try to avoid combing too often, and when you do prefer using a soft hairbrush and do the brushing gently.
5. let your hair dry naturally. Using hair dryers and straighteners and curlers and other equipment proves to be extremely harmful for the scalp and weakens the hair follicles.
6. In the process of trying to look stylish and, more often, trying to look younger, a lot of people constantly keep dyeing and coloring their hair. While this may give you temporary happiness and provide a quick-fix to the age problem, it just simply isn’t good for the health of you hair. Hair dyes and hair color contains extremely strong chemicals and coloring agents that eventually leads to weakening of hair, especially if done too regularly.
7. The best solution to most of our problems is adequate sleep. The fast moving competitive world today keeps everybody on their toes and the good old “Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” seems just like a dream today. Nobody has the time for a proper 8 hour sleep. And what we fail to understand is that this is the root cause for a number of problems, including hair loss.

All in all your hair require a little more attention and a lot more pampering. Remember that your hair can make or break your entire appearance so it is necessary to devote some extra time to these beautiful strands on our head and ensure their health.