Hair Spa is a must

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In a country like India, we are always faced with extremely high levels of pollution everyday. Pollution is a major problem for it poses all sorts of health hazards. High levels of pollution causes breathing problems, not to mention different types of skin problems and hair woes. Pollution effects the skin by blocking all the pores with impurities which in turn causes various different out breaks and infections all over the surface of the skin. Not to mention blocking oil pores results in horrible acne issues. And we all know how that one ends! No one wants acne scars all over their face for life. So since we can only hope against all odds for the pollution levels to reduce, what else can be done to better care for our skin and hair? Acne is a much spoken about issue, so today we will talk about the hair issues. Now, because of air pollution along with soaring temperatures, no matter how healthy your hair is, it is bound to get dry and coarse. We often resort to tying our long tresses tightly in a bun to save it from the dust, but even that has its repercussions. The hair strands need to breathe and tying them tightly just makes things worse. So honestly, we are only left with a limited number of options, one of which is regular hair spa treatments.


The benefits of spa is actually varied, but most importantly it is the complete cleansing action which helps soothe the strands and the scalp. Spa is important and I can vouch for it from personal experience, it does make your hair softer and shiny and regular treatment actually helps improve your hair health drastically. The fact that all celebrities like Madonna and Catherine Zeta Jones get it done as well, shows the authenticity of the fact. All you have to do is get to your favourite salon and let your stylist work his magic! Now there are different spas that suit different hair types, so make sure your stylist knows your hair and scalp type. But try to stick to the cool brands like Loreal’s Mythic Oil treatment.

1. Crazy Conditioning

The one thing you will not be able to get over is how soft and perfectly conditioned your tresses feel after an hour long indulgence. The main aim of this treatment is to soften your hair from the base and nourish your strands, so that coarse and rough edge is completely removed. Hair spa conditions your hair follicles and also helps re growth of hair. It re hydrates the scalp as well. The best thing is that the impurities which get trapped in the follicles are removed and your scalp and hair is completely clean. This cleansing process is easier for the ones with short bobs or pixies, but for the ladies who love their long curls it does prove to be a mammoth task. So this is an easy option.

2. No Dandruff

There is a different spa treatment for dandruff control. Loreal has an amazing dandruff control treatment and it works wonders. Dandruff is caused due to various reasons, like hormonal imbalance, pollution, dry scalp and bad hair care. Luckily, this treatment aims to rectify most of these causes except the hormonal issue, well duh uh. Spa while conditioning your hair also helps reduce dandruff.


3. Scalp ageing is delayed

Nourishing and moisturising the scalp of one of the functions of hair spa. This also prevents your scalp from ageing, since spa includes scalp massages as well. Massaging the scalp increases blood circulation, which is always a good thing. IT helps the scalp balance the sebum content which reduces hair loss, since extreme amounts of sebum increases hair fall.

4. Hair fall control

Spa treatments with time reduce the amount of hair fall. This is from personal experience. But you have to at least get it done twice a month. Within two months you will notice the difference in hair fall. It makes the hair follicles stronger and the hair strands become thicker and therefore reduction in hair fall.

5. Healthy scalp

Most of us obsess over hair types and hair woes and forget where it grows from. The scalp has to be maintained with equal care for hair growth and quality to enhance. That is exactly what a treatment of this sort aims at providing. The balancing of oil secretion is essential to minimise hair issues.


So now that you know the benefits of hair spa, you do have one solid option of improving your hair health. The best way to yield perfect results is to get the treatment done at least twice a month and you will see the results for yourself. The entire procedure is only going to be beneficial if you stick to the good brands, keeping in mind your hair and scalp type. You can also opt for hair spa treatments at home, if salon becomes an expensive affair. Just make sure you follow the instructions to the T. So folks, you need time off from your hectic life, this is the best way to unwind.