You and Your Hair Woes

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What is the most heart-breaking sight for any girl? The answer is hair damage. And this incidence is not just restricted to the ads on TV where young girls jump with a scream on finding hair strands on their combs. Unfortunately, it has become a common household problem. And they have to see it every time they bring a comb near their head. Whether it is in the form of Hair loss is a very common matter of concern in recent times not only amongst people who are older but also amongst teenagers. Though it is natural to find some amount of hair loss, it is noticed that youngsters are suffering from serious hair problem. So the question is what can be considered as natural? At the most 10 strands of hair falling a day are fine. However, an increase in that number poses a matter of concern.

One might also wonder as to the causes behind all this. As a matter of fact all of us do take pains to keep our hair clean and healthy. According to the advice of our dermatologists we may be washing our hair at least once or twice a week if not every day after properly oiling them and also condition them. Yet we end up finding no satisfaction. Speaking about the causes, various factors contribute to this happening- pollution, oiliness, dry scalp, poor nutrition and grime, use of chemical products on hair and so on. Now indispensable application of these chemicals present in chemical products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair colors and hair dyes are enough to weaken the hair as they comprise of harmful components and irritants. Another contributor to this phenomenon may be heightened stress levels and lack of proper exercises. Obesity, heredity also play major roles in causing hair damage. These are basically problems that are more common amongst middle-aged people rather than youngsters. Hair loss can also be attributed to anemia which is the deficiency condition of hemoglobin quantity in blood.

And can we ignore another problem visible not only amongst women but also the men folk, namely, Dandruff. This D-word can really be a curse for they come to stay in our lives forever. It is usually in the form dried skin flakes that settle on the scalp and hair which later fall on the shoulders appearing like white powder. Thus, wearing that lovely black dress or shirt becomes a matter of worry and you have to tuck it back to your wardrobe. Dandruff may also appear as sticky and oily chunks giving a bad odour and seem to stay forming a thick film on the scalp. This type of dandruff is even more stubborn in terms of being eliminated. In both the cases, one experiences extremely itchy scalp leading to extreme hair fall.

Any solutions to reduce them drastically if not eliminate them? Well, first and foremost, it is important to regularly use a shampoo to wash the hair. This shampoo must be mild, gentle, and basic (that is with a high pH level similar to that seen in a baby shampoo) devoid of toxic ingredient that do more harm than good to the hair. This mild anti-dandruff shampoo is harmless to both the scalp and hair. Wash off the shampoo thoroughly ensuring no residue remains in your hair. After that properly drying your hair by natural drying or towel drying. Avoid using a hair dryer as too much exposure of heat adds to the hair fall woes by making them more brittle and increasing chances of other problems like split ends and thinning of hair. In case you have to use occasionally for any emergency situations, prefer using the cold draft and place the dryer at least five to six inches away from your scalp. Avoid combing immediately after you have washed your hair as wet hair is more fragile and as a result more likely to break easily. At other times it is advisable to avoid rough combing for the same reason. Scientific combing is another way for strengthening hair bonds.

Hairstyles that require you to pull your hair tight up should be discouraged. As far as possible refrain from use of unnatural hair styling gels, hair sprays, creams and colors. Wearing tight hats, caps, scarves and bandanas must also be avoided. Reason being restricted blood circulation, choking of the pores with sweat.


Apart from all such practices, one needs to take care of the nutrition too. A nutritious and well balanced diet is very significant. Dietary intake must consist of wholesome quantities of minerals like zinc, vitamin B complex along with some fatty acid compounds. Important sources of simple, easily digestible proteins are eggs, milk and milk products, pulses, soya, tofu, etc. Additionally, a good amount of fluid intake in the form of fresh fruits and fruit juices will help in harnessing hair. Regular consumption of walnuts, almonds enable provision of fatty acids that aid growth of hair and maintain its lustre. To help fight anemic conditions, dates, figs are a great way to maintain the desirable and healthy level of hemoglobin. With a proper diet and healthy habits, hair problems can be minimized effectively.