The “HandWritten” Personality

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Always felt that your handwriting should be neat and legible like that of your classmate or colleague or sister? Well, it is always good to have a neat and legible handwriting but I would suggest you not to imitate the handwriting of others. This is because your handwriting can tell a lot about your personality and even illnesses. The study of one’s handwriting is called graphology. It can help in finding over 5,000 characteristics and diagnosing various diseases. Let’s see how the following factors can determine your personality.



If the size of your letters is small, then you are reserved and shy. You are very concentrated and thorough. If your handwriting is of an average size, that means you can adapt and adjust well in any situation. When your letters are large compared to others, you would be an extrovert, outspoken, people-oriented and also act as if you have a lot of confidence.

Spacing between Words


If there is a lot of space between two words, i.e., there is wide spacing, then you seem to enjoy your freedom and don’t like to be crowded and don’t like others intruding your space. But, when there is less space between your words, less spacing, it means that don’t like staying alone and prefer being with a group of people. It also means that you tend to interfere in others matters.



If your letters slant to the right, then you like to socialize and are open to the world. If your letters slant to the left, that means you prefer being alone and working behind the scenes. If you are right-handed and your letters slant to the left, then you may be expressing rebellion. And if your handwriting doesn’t slant at all, neither left nor right, then you are a practical and rational. You don’t let your emotions take over you.

Shape of Letters

Rounded letters imply an artistic and creative nature. Pointed letters imply an intense, hostile, curious and intelligent nature. While connected letters mean a logical and systematic nature and the ability to make careful decisions.


‘L’ Loops – A narrow ‘L’ loop may imply that you are restricting yourself, which would lead to tension. A wide ‘L’ loop means you are a relaxed and spontaneous person and self expression comes easily to you.

‘e’ Loops – A narrow ‘e’ loop means you are cynical of others and don’t get swayed by the feelings and emotions of others. A wide ‘e’ loop means you are open minded and don’t mind trying new experiences.

Dotting your i’s

If the dot is high over the ‘i’, then it is said that you have a great imagination. A dot to the left of the ‘i’ means a procrastinating behavior. A circled dot over the ‘i’ means nature like that of a child or a visionary nature. When you slash your i’s, that means you are self critical and are not patient with people who don’t learn from their mistakes. When the dot is right over the ‘i’, then it means that you pay attention to detail, are organized and emphatic.

i and t

Crossing your t’s

If the ‘t’ is crossed at the very top, it means you have a good self-esteem and are positive and motivated. If you cross it right in the middle, then you are self-assured and feel comfortable in your own skin. Long crosses imply that you are strong-minded and passionate but also obstinate at times. Short crosses means you can be lazy at times and show lack of determination.

Open and Closed o’s

An open ‘o’ implies you are talkative and can express your feelings. You are a social person and have little secrecy. A closed ‘o’ means a private nature. You don’t like sharing your personal feelings.

Lowercase Cursive ‘s’

Rounded lowercase cursive ‘s’ means you can please people but avoid confrontation. A pointy lowercase ‘s’ means an inquisitive and striving nature. The higher and pointier the peaks are, the more ambitious you are. If the ‘s’ is wide towards the bottom, it means you are not following your heart.


When you apply heavy pressure, it is said that you are good with commitments and take things seriously. Light pressure implies that you are a receptive person and show empathy to others, but at the same time, you lack vigor.


You are said to be impatient or a time waster when you write quickly. When you write slowly, you are more ordered, systematic and self-reliant.

Your Health

If you write with variable pressure, it can imply that you have high blood pressure. When a person has Alzheimer’s disease, the handwriting starts deteriorating. The handwriting changes to irregular or altered letters along with trembles in the writing. The speed also slows down. With a schizophrenic person, the slant of the letters varies within a sentence or the same word frequently. It is proof that the person is not having continual contact with reality. Parkinson’s disease can be identified by small or cramped handwriting. The handwriting can become so small that even the writer would have difficulty in reading it.