Happiness the best state of mind

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If you guys don’t know read it and even if you know still do because it’s sometimes fun to read stuff we actually know to check how much we know. Ok enough I confused you a lot I wanted to share a secret with you all everyone wants to achieve the peace after long and tiring day in your life best and simple reason behind it is stay happy and smiling come what may. It gives you the best energy when you are drained off, gives you the best booster when you are down, the best motivator when you feel like giving up. It’s the best form of positive energy you will get when you are full of negativity. I know it’s not easy to smile when you face the failure but you need to have that courage to get up and move on. Happiness makes one’s life good, it feels freedom from the suffering of pain, and it brings joy, enjoyment, pleasure and relief from stress. Isn’t it worth to feel this happiness if it gives you so much benefit. Happiness goes hand-in-hand with some of the healthy habits and leads to a prosper life. Good and happy spirits stay healthy, eat proper sleep quietly and what else do one wants right? If turned this into a daily habit automatically it becomes your routine and everything goes well. Being happy and staying positive tends your body to function in that way and also improves the immune system and emotions to be stable enough to keep you strong. Some of science proves that happiness alters your genes. People who are less happy are found to be stressed out by daily factors and people who are happy stress factor are automatically avoided. Emotional stability always matters because it affects and influences our behavior.  To achieve the state of happiness it’s important that one learns to accept things in what matter they come to individual without complaining about stuffs. I guess that will solve half the problem and will make you feel satisfied. Appreciate everything that comes to your way with a smile and surely I can say your life would be easy and simple. Don’t you think so am right somewhere? Obviously I am no doubt! Just kidding everyone has their own perception about living one’s life accordingly. One more thing I guess where you faced the problems and when you overcome them do not forget that others may suffer the same problem so always be keen on helping others when needed it gives you different kind of satisfaction and it makes you happy seeing that other person is happy because of you. When you face sadness or your happy just keep one sentence in mind “it’s not the going to be like this always” so it will help you to stay normal no matter what situation you face in life.  It always balances the health and happiness according


Generally happiness is defined as things that make you excited not necessarily mean that way it can be anything which bring a smile on your face can also be said to be happy. Many of us get confused with the term happy though. Always be nice to yourself as it is said the way you are and the way you look is the outcome what you get. Always try to do things that you love and that makes you happy but never quit while trying because you don’t know on what attempt you will get the success. Leave behind those things and people which pull you down and always keep you depressed. Surround yourself with good things which will motivate you till the end. Make yourself that strong if you need to skip some things you will have that strength to let it go away it would be difficult but it’s not impossible right? Have faith in yourself always trust your inner feelings it will surely lead you to the way of happiness. Makeup your mind that you are going to face failure and traumatic events but will always rise out of it and will make it work out. Leave worries aside and face the fear is the ever best option. If there are hundred reasons for you to cry find at least one reason to smile surely you will have. Keep yourself busy in some or the other work so that you won’t have time to keep crying and nagging on one silly mistake. Make lot more mistakes but if you do not learn from them, then it’s merely a waste of your experience. You should have that much courage that when you look back you laugh at your mistake and move on. It will lead you to the longest way in life and a sure shot happy state of mind. Always follow your instinct it always leads you to the right track. Never hold grudges back to yourself speak it out and try to forgive others as quickly as you can. Talking to your friends, family members helps you a lot to calm down and keep you happy. Stay happy! Live happy!