On happiness and…

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                                             “Because I’m happy”


The latest to rise up the charts is this number from “Despicable Me 2″ by Pharrell Williams. It has been dominating the radio, the internet, the television screens and yes, even the Oscars. There’s only one place where it hasn’t touched yet. And where can it be?

Us. Our souls. Our core.

You might argue that everyday you’re happy and that it’ not possible to stay happy ALL the time. I mean, we aren’t robots that with a “Be Happy” switch installed in our backs. But seriously, think about it, when was the last time you felt happy? I don’t mean the happiness associated with achieving something or the happiness associated with wealth. The feeling of goodness and joy that courses along every fiber of the body for no specific reason at all. A sort of contentment and feeling of liberation which is so infectious that it rubs off on others and makes everyday a happy day, irrespective of the weather, the sort of cranky, irritating people we meet and the stress of another busy day.

Sounds or rather, feels alien, doesn’t it?

In our efforts to scale the huge mountain called “Ambition”, somewhere down the line, we’ve sacrificed the pleasures that define life. It was a bad bargain and we don’t know yet, that we’ve been short-changed. And not knowing this has robbed us of the finer senses as well. We have literally become robots. We’ve lost the ability to think of anything outside our daily activities, which are in turn, centered around ambitions and technology. It’s almost as if “ambition” and “technology” are interchangeable and are the determinants of the human condition. These two factors seem to have taken away the spontaneity, the liveliness and the contentment associated with living. Nowadays, not being a part of the expanding tech-savvy world is as good as being dead. So much emphasis on things that were secondary at one point of time.

How difficult has it become to live without technology and all other things that make us feel like robots? How are we so used to living like vegetables? Lifeless. Listless. I would say, this existence is as good as being dead. Think about it. Where are the days when living without a care was such a habit?


happiness 2


When was the last time you held a soft furry kitten or a pup in your hands and wondered how happy and carefree it was? Or, took an entire day off from your work and not felt guilty at all? “Don’t remember!” would be the common answer and this answer shall finally knock you back into your senses and you’ll feel as if a bucket of ice-cold water has just been thrown at your face. How much longer do you want to wait before it’s all over? Stop obsessing about the next salary or the missed deadline. And also, about why there are so many lines on your forehead. That’s because you are worrying too much. Frown lines look like this- :( and when you are happy, they instantly become- :) . Get it? I bet that’s something you didn’t know even though you are texting almost all day. It’s the stress and high-speed that is stealing our lives, causing the lines and killing us every single day. Let go of it all and bask in the glow of the beauty called “Life”.


Now you might be wondering, “How to be happy?”. Oh sure. You’ve spent so long in hibernation, that now you have to be taught everything from scratch. The simplest way would be to do what the little girl in the picture is doing. Hang upside down. Well, if you can do it literally, then try the metaphor as well. Just like you pull out the insides of your clothes and dust them, try throwing out the garbage from your life. And that includes unwanted intrusion of elements where it is not required. Hint:Gadgets.


happy 2

Just for once try NOT to think of the material world. Of the future. Or the past. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the beauty of the present. The state of being carefree and jovial. Of not having to worry about anything at all. It’s not going to feel awkward or stupid. It’s just going to be happiness. Plain and simple. And soon you will feel what you haven’t felt, in a long time… That joy. That ecstasy of having let go of the reins, of simply being liberated and unchained.. Of running around like wild horses. It’s ironic. You’re leaving the reins of control but it’s you who’s feeling like wild horses neighing and galloping with joy.

Happiness isn’t associated with materiality. It’s not to be found through physical searches in nooks and corners. It shall come to you only if you leave a little way for it. Call it a chink in the armor, but these little holes are the only things needed for happiness to get through. Just a little bit of space. And soon like the golden sun rays that illumine the little corner of the attic and lighten it up as it progresses towards sunset, happiness shall spread to your entire self and radiate from your every pore.

happy 3


And none but you will be the one enjoying the view from the top.



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