Healing yourself from the Sports Injuries.

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Injuries in sports are an obvious risk. There is more to just wounding yourself in such injuries. Often athletes and their coach suffer major psychological commotion when the inevitable risk comes to life. Healing the body is just the first part of restoring a player’s skills. There are many other steps involved in bringing the athlete back in top form of his/her game. Understanding these injuries is the first part of a long process of healing.

Prevention the best cure: The best way of dealing with such misfortunes is to elude them in the first place. Playing the game by the rules and with proper mind-set is the first step of avoiding them. Although preventing them is something we can’t always do. The basic reason of such injuries may include:

  • Improper training or playing
  • Overtraining yourself
  • Wearing Improper footwear
  • Lack of proper safety equipment
  • Inappropriate conduct of sport by other players

Understand your injuries: Know the type of injury you’ve suffered. Once you know about the injury only then can you start treating yourself better at it. Not understanding the full extent or the damage of you injury may lead to further distress or anxiety. Once the injury is detected, locate your coach, doctor or the physician to understand better the nature of the injury and what you need to do to come back in form again.

  • Diagnosis of the injury is the initial part of the healing process. Understand how and where the injury has got you. Once the root of it is cleared you can proceed to knowing,
  • The recovery time of such injury. Knowing the recovery time will help you plan your schedule and game plan better.
  • Next, know what treatment process you need to go through to get back on the field.
  • Ask your doctor what your expectations should be in the restoration process.
  • Consult your physician and the coach to know the alternate workouts you should do to stay in shape.
  • Be a realist. Ask your doctor about the signs which tell you that it’s getting worse. There’s nothing bad in knowing whether the rehabilitation process is going as planned or should you choose to accept an alternate course to your recovery.

Once this done, the process of restoration of your sports carrier begins. This stage is more crucial than any other stage. To keep a balance of proper diet, workout and right mental attitude is necessary in such stage. Follow the directions of your coach, physician and doctor. They are your well-wishers and expect you to heal faster and get back in the game. Avoid pointless risks during this period. Also make sure you follow the following instructions:

  • Accept the damage as your own accountability: That being said, it doesn’t mean that the injury was self-inflicted. This means that you need to accept the fact that you’re injured and hurt. However only you are responsible for your positive comeback too. You need to take this responsibility and once you do that, a greater control will overpower your recovery process. Swinging back and forth in past and future, blaming your fate will do you more harm than good.
  • Positivity is the key to healthy recovery: To get back in the game and healing yourself you need to act committedly towards your treatment, you need to work hard and listen to what your doctor/physician has to say to you. Talk to yourself. Keep reminding yourself that it is going to get better. Things are only going uptown from here. If you feel negative, talk. Talk to your family, friends and fellow teammates. ‘


To cope with such injuries one needs to understand various steps that he/she needs to take care of.

  • Keep setting goals, realistic ones: Once the dynamic powerhouse, you may not feel the same way as before. You may once be the champ who used to ensure that you do 100 push ups a day or run 10 KMs a day. This is not the time to repeat the same physical efforts. 10 KMs should be turned into hundred metres. 100 push ups should be downed to maybe 1 a day. Set goals but be realistic.
  •  It’s your body being healed, take command in it too: Be aware of the treatment processes that are being given to you. Show up on time for each and every one of them. Imagine the rehabilitation process as a part of your training and work hard on it as you did on the field.
    An athlete needs to keep reminding himself of his body being healed constantly. That he is being healed every minute and every second. Things are getting better, and you will too.
  • Do not stop working out: If the nature of your injury is such that it allows you to do only 20 or maybe 10% of the workouts you used to do when you were fit, do them. Show up on the team practices and keep mentally practising. Work on your weaknesses. Regularly working out mentally will keep alive your neuromuscular responses.
  • Find professional help if the pressure is unbearable: If your injury has given you a hard time and you find yourself not being excited by anything and you feel depressed, seek out a counsellor. Do not play with such thoughts; they are dangerous to both you and those around you. Seeking professional help only means you are strong willed and want to better your conditions.
  • Healing takes time, accept it: Healing takes a lot of time. Do not rush yourself into the field simply because you “feel” better. It may be serious getting back on the field with untreated injuries. Be patient. Only when your doctor and physician are certain that you can once again get into that field, should you get back. Remember, Slow and steady wins the race.


The nature of injury; whether temporary or permanent; takes its toll on the athlete. Its disruptive, and a painful interruption in a sportsman’s life. Following the points provided above may help you in a speedy recovery and minimize the psychological blow back received by the injury. It is okay to fear the injury but not to lose to it. A sportsperson is strong willed at heart and stops at nothing to achieve greatness. If no social prejudice could stop you from reaching to the top, a mere injury is no match for you.