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You mention health or weight loss and there are some standard tips that come handy to every individual. There are millions of weight loss programs and diets that have been tried and tested by many, many times and no matter they worked or not no body will shy away in displaying their nutri knowledge like a professional dietician. Have fruits; have juice, why don’t you try nutria bars? With information being so handy everyone is their own dietician, physicist, and gym trainer. Everyone has its own version of dieting. And many a times people go for crash diets having low knowledge and suffer due to severe side effects and equally bad after effects that come as easy as these advices that are abundantly available.  Here are some diet advices that can have a reverse effect on you, here’s how,

What you were told: have juices
yes juices are healthy and they give you all the nutrients from vitamins a to c and xyz but only when they fresh and clean, the once that promise you health and give you preservatives and sugars are surely not what you are looking for.  A fad popularized by many celebrities who swear by it being the perfect way to cleanse the system, it does strip one of much needed essential fibre and proteins. This can be particularly harmful to those who resort to it as the go to solution to lose weight. Also juices can make you gain weight as a number of fruits go into making one tetra pack, so all those sugars combined will not necessarily help. Also these contain all the harmful chemicals that go into preserving and packing them.
Fresh juice contains natural sugar called fructose which is also a form of sugar. Therefore taking juice in large quantities is in fact bad as compared to eating whole fruits which tend to have more fibre content. Canned juice is worse. It has a lot of preservatives which are actually harmful. So next time you are detoxifying with juices chose fruits over it. And even if juices can’t be ditched out of your life choose fresh juices over p-packaged ones.

What you were told: have vitamins supplements


Again a very common advice that people tend to give and take is taking vitamin supplements to take care of those deficiencies that are doing rounds of your body. Experts state that there is a rising popularity of people indiscriminately popping multivitamin pills or even specific vitamin supplements like vitamin C, vitamin E or omega3.

People feel that by consuming a multivitamin, if they have junk food or have not eaten healthy, everything would be okay. But vitamin deficiency can be taken care of with fresh fruits and vegetable there is no need for artificial supplements to fulfill it. Supplements are an artificial source and it is always better to chose natural ingredients instead of going the artificial way.
Many women are told are told vitamin E supplementation is good for hair and skin. Yes it is true but what people forget to add is that it is a fat soluble vitamin and a continuous supplementation for years will cause deposition of the fat on the liver. Therefore, it should be taken only when recommended and not forever.
People believe multivitamins will help them to be healthier and stronger. “Multivitamins just help in bridging the gap of nutrients you take from diet. They are no magic pills and it does not offer any protection from chronic diseases of nutrients. Also it is very important to choose the right vitamin supplements and the right amount in which they should be taken.  Therefore it better to have a normal healthy diet that takes care of your daily vitamin requirements and keep those supplements as far as possible.

What you were told:  replace sugar with artificial sweeteners.


A commonly used and thanks to some diet beverages a highly popularized misconception is that diet beverages and sweets that contain artificial sweeteners help losing weight.  With rising cases of those suffering from diabetes, many people are told to switch over to artificial sweeteners but this advice can back fire badly and can have serious side effects. Very few know that artificial sweeteners contain aspartame which can cause cancer. Limiting sugar intake or replacing sugar with fruits where possible is a better way to tackle these problems. Many health experts even suggest switching from regular fizzy drinks to low calorie or zero calorie drinks. However, it is essential to know that most of the zero calorie drinks have artificial sweetener (as high as 15 packets) which bring aspartame along with it. It’s good to avoid fizzy drinks completely instead of having zero calorie drinks. Switch to natural drinks like lassi and cut down on sodas and aerated beverages completely. Trade those drinks with natural thirst quenchers.


So next time when somebody gives you a free advice think twice before you transform it as a practice in your life. Everything that seems good is not always good until and unless you take it the right way in the right quantity and quality.