Healthy Habits to Learn From Kids

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As a kid, we all were taught various habits that were supposed to help us to grow into a “healthy, wealthy and wise” person. However, in the process of growing up, we either forgot those habits or deliberately shunned them away from our existence and personalities, thinking that they were merely ‘kiddish’ and thereby, not at all of any significant importance. Was this actually not a mistake rather than being a pragmatic and thoughtful move on our parts? It is a no brainer that it is the former. The habits that we were taught or we inculcated as a child, can actually do wonders in maintaining our lives in a proper fashion that we are in dire need of. Today, in this ultra modernized and technologized world, where things like depression, sleep deprivation, migraine and many more have become synonymous with the way of life, as we call it. Let’s take a walk down those memory lanes and recollect what those habits were and what can they mean to us today in their utmost subtle manner.

1. Tummy full = Life Blissful

Tummy full

“Finish your food and then you can play. Finish your food and then you can watch T.V.” Rings a bell?

Remember the time when your parents used to utter these words and that too, on a regular basis. Having food on time used to be the law in our childhood days. However, as we aged, we chucked this basic principle of life and became super busy beings. In today’s hectic schedules, we tend to skip our meals and do not bother to think twice over it. The importance of breakfast, for instance, has simply become non-existent in our adult livces that are guided by strict schedules and time constraint. It is a roven fact that when you are hungry, your productivity decreases immensely. It is time that we adults learn from the kids and keep our tummies full and have regular meals, as it not only keeps one healthy, it also keeps our brains functioning at a good pace which is obviously vital in our lives today.

2. All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

All work and no play

Hide and seek. Hop scotch. Football. And such games used to rule our days back when we were kids. In our childhood days, all our parents cared about was our studies and all w cared about were games. Silly as they might have been, knowingly or unknowingly, they helped in striking a perfect balance in our lives and helped us to stay healthy. All it took to forget our worries and fights was just a silly little game of hide and seek. However, today, in our so-called hectic lives, when somebody asks us to play something, we do nothing but scorn at that person as if that person has nothing else to do. Stop for a moment, look back and realize. And the next time you feel like banging your head in the wall and go and play a silly game. You will get my point.

3. Cry baby, Cry!

Cry baby cry

Remember the days when you used to cry for every single thing that used to piss you off? Inadvertently, crying was like the perfect outlet for all your sadness, anger, happiness as well as frustration. Miraculously, it was capable of bringing you back to your normal self too. Nowadays, the tides have turned and crying is a taboo. Yes, a taboo! We have become so rigid that we would rather die with suffocating emotions within than letting them out through some tears. What more, we even stub the person who cries in front of us and ask them to just shut up and hold back because apparently, it is a sign of the weak. Well, it’s not. Shedding a tear or two does no harm and it is perfectly normal. It just lightens you from within and de-stresses you for the time being. So, next time you feel cheated, frustrated or just plain sad, break away and cry it out! It might just do wonders!

4. …healthy, wealthy and wise!

early to bed

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.” Well, we want to become wealthy and apparently, we have also become wise but what about our health? Sleepless nights don’t bother us anymore and it has almost become a fad to sleep late and in turn, get up late. If a friend of ours sleeps early, we all gang up together against that person and mock them. Little do we realize that it is we ourselves, that we are effectively making fun of. If sleeping and waking up early can make a kid healthy, then why not us? Yes, it can and it does. Try for yourself and see. Also, you can bid adieu to those dreary dark circles. What more can one ask for?

 5. Follow The Rules

Follow the rules

Today, your problems are different, mine are different and those of the person sitting across me are different. However, we are all bound or rather linked with the same thread and that thread is that of following rules. Problems may be different but the mantra to deal with them effectively remains the same. “Follow the rules!” Rules are never meant to be broken. They are made with a purpose. We do not mean that you become puppets in the hands of the rules but that you hold the power to modify the rules so as to suit your own lifestyle. Tweak them, customize them, make them whatever you want them to become but do have them in your lives. We need to adopt them, adapt them and then, abide by them.

Child is, indeed, the father of man.