A Healthy Eternal Builds from Internal

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Health is a great blessing which matters the most for all of us. The best part is that health of a person depends on that individual. In the sense, health of anybody is literally about the food habits of the person and doing regular exercises are accountable. Alongside with this, a hearty boisterous burst of laughter serves to be an added advantage. We must have to agree that a good health is the real treasury of life and this boon is absolutely an important thing for us.

It is pretty obvious that if our health is good, there will not be any need of investing money for medicine and doctor. We have to be much aware of being exempted from any disease and sickness. A good health also includes physical, mental and social well being. In order to have a purposeful existence on the earth, health is a predominant factor to be taken into consideration. The quaint sayings like,

“Health is Wealth”

“A sound mind in a sound body”

are all best quotes that are apparently significant whereby we have to incorporate these sayings.


If we are healthy, we are immensely active enough to actually work for long hours and never get tired of it. If there is no health, there is no wealth. But people who are really wealthy are those who are healthy. Wealth does not matter to us at all due to unhealthiness. At the mean time, you shan’t buy your health with your wealth as well. It is implied that we need not rather spend money to be healthy and instead it is all about our concern, efforts and proper care of our own health.

There ensues to be a few factors which must has to be considered with care. When it comes to food, nutrition should be looked out. Always, we should have nutritious food.Another important factor which makes a difference in this regard is cleanliness. It basically refers to some regularity for maintaining a good health. For instance waking up early in the morning, going for a walk, inhale fresh air and a brisk attitude altogether promises an active clean habit.


By the way, activities like not taking up a regular bath, not wearing proper clean clothes and not eating fresh food immensely add complications to our health. The concrete reason behind this is that if at all we do not keep our bodies clean, all the waste substances while they get away from the body via skin land up with a serious issue to our health. Laughter is another magical tool to be healthy and we ought to be exempted from anger, fear, envy and enmity. If we are healthy, then we could be enjoying it thoroughly.

As it is recommended to have nutritious food for our good health, why should we go crazy about junk food? Does it invoke anything else other than being delicious? In order to be healthy, first thing to avoid in food habits is always junk food. It had literally changed the destiny of hell a lot of people to extinction. It is pretty clear that junk food is the biggest enemy of our health. Thereby consuming these sorts of foods daily would be an absolute crisis.

This paves an avenue for weight gain and needless to say that it would in-turn cause various diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, even cancer and what not! Do we actually need this? We understand that it is definitely not and henceforth we must restrain from consuming junk foods frequently. So what are the healthy foods to be consumed? We must have to eat more fruits, vegetables, juices, wholemeal and wholegrain foods.

Heading out and having food had to be like once in a while and should never be made frequently. This would make us to have a heavy and unhealthy food. It would be absolutely like spending money and inviting enemy to our own health. Doing regular physical exercise will be a great boon for our health. But most of us work for long hours and in-turn coming late to home and could not spend in any time for exercise.

We must have to realize that leading a healthy life would aid us to have a long life span which is devoid of diseases and any kind of complications. It is quite simply because when we had become victims of diseases of any sort, we must have to spend in huge money for treatment. Besides we should also have to undergo strenuous medical procedures which are literally not requisite at all.

The other bad issues of taking up any treatment might give rise to unwanted side effects like hair loss, weaknesses and other symptoms leading to serene displeasure. The worst part is that it doesn’t apparently make any promising assurance for a safe and secure treatment. In order to enjoy our life without any impediments, we must have to be physically and mentally fit.

Healthy Formula

We must have to understand that owning pieces of gold and silver is not a real wealth but having a good health makes it possible.

A good health really ensures a complete enriching life.

Let’s be healthy to have a prosperous everlasting life!