Health Benefits of Almonds

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Nature has been very generous and has granted us with all the things that are required for our survival and healthy existence. Mother Nature blessed us with air, water, food and all the necessities. Not only this, the world around us is full of stuff that holds the secret to health. In our busy schedules, what remains ignored the most is our own health. Just having regular meals is not enough on the quest of being a healthy one. I do agree with the fact that regular exercise is of utmost importance but at the same time incorporating correct items in our diet is also important. I will share with you the health benefits of a number of eatables (fruits, vegetables and dry fruits) and will try to encourage you all to adopt correct eating habits. In this article I will share with the wonderful properties of a simple fruit, dry fruit, Almonds.


It might interest you to know that although almond is popularly called a nut but it is instead the seed of the plant. Almonds grow in both sweet and bitter forms. The sweet almond is the one that is the most commonly consumed one. The bitter almond is usually used industrially for the production of several glycosides.  Almonds are a source of a wide range of nutrients. They contain minerals, vitamins etc. It is a very popularly known fact that almonds are a rich source of Vitamin E.  Approximately every 100 gm of almonds contain 26 mg of Vitamin E. In addition to this almonds also contain Vitamin A and Vitamin B. Talking about the minerals almonds contain Calcium, potassium, manganese and copper. In addition almonds are also a rich source of poly unsaturated and mono unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, almonds also have a considerable proportion of campestanol, sitostanol, campesterol, stigmasterol, beta sitosterol and phytosterols. So in short it can be said that almonds are a complete food for us. They also contain a wide variety of proteins and carbohydrates.

Looking at the nutrition chart it is pretty evident that almonds have a lot of health benefits. Some of the most dominant health benefits of almonds are as follows –

  • Hair : -


Almonds, as stated above, contain a large amount of Vitamin E. This particular vitamin is of immense value when it comes to the hair. Hence almond oil is very popular with the ladies. Applying this vitamin rich oil regularly makes the hair lustrous, long and prevents hair fall.  Having almonds on a daily basis provides the required amount of nutrition to the body thus giving a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

  • Bones : -

Almonds are a rich source of calcium and phosphorus. These minerals together make up the basic structure of the bones. The lack of these minerals makes the bones weak and fragile. The bones start thinning and become porous. Having almonds on a daily keeps the levels of these minerals thus promoting bone health. In addition, the almonds also have other minerals i.e. copper, potassium and manganese. All of these together keep the bon skeleton strong and healthy.

  • Cholesterol : -

Almonds contain a both mono and poly unsaturated fats. These fats are proven to bring down the levels of lower density lipoproteins (LDL) which is the reason behind cholesterol related problems. A low level of LDL and high level of HDL (high density lipoproteins) is a good proportion and keeps the cholesterol under check. In addition, other components like the above mentioned sterols and alcohols also help in keeping the cholesterol under check. It is because of this property that almonds are of great importance for people who are on a mission to shed extra kilos from their body.

  • Gastric : -

Almonds contain a good proportion of fibers. Fibers as we all know are very important for the gut health. The fibers in almond tend to act like pre-biotic. In lame man’s language pre-biotic are not digested by the human gut. These therefore are available for the bacterial population present in the gut that is of immense importance.

  • Heart : -


An overall healthy body is needed for a healthy heart. Almonds as we saw above can help in controlling the cholesterol levels and thus help in maintaining the elasticity of the precious blood vessels and thereby help in promoting the heart health. It has been seen through various studies that people who tend to have almonds on a daily basis are lesser prone to heart problems like failure and stroke.

These are some of the most highlighted health benefits of almonds. Besides these, there numerous other wonders these tiny seeds can do.

Before incorporating almonds in your diet it is important for you to know a few things. There are many individuals who are allergic to almonds. Symptoms of almond allergy include swelling of the mouth or the tongue after eating it. This allergy can also be severe and lead to anaphylactic shock and thus can prove fatal. So do check yourself for almond sensitivity. I required get in touch with your physician.

Second thing that one needs to keep in mind is that almonds are a wholesome meal. They have a high calorific value. Approximately 100 gm of almonds contains 576 kcal of energy. Hence on a daily basis, have only two to three units of almonds. Over consumption can be problematic.

So in short it can be said that almonds are wondrous and they need to be there on our daily menu. This little change in your daily diet can give you surprising results. Just serve yourself and your dear ones 2 to 3 almonds a day and see them lead a healthy life. Such is the wonder of nature; one tiny seed has the power to take care of all your needs. Isn’t this a tasty way to kick those body issues bye-bye?

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