The Heart of a Leader- The Insights of a leader

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the heart of a leader

“When faced with a challenging or difficult situation, the best leaders most often respond with courage; less mature leaders, or non leaders often choose another path-a path with less risk, less conflict, and less personal discomfort.”
― Mark Miller

The Heart of a Leader by Ken Blanchard is in itself a priceless collection of very influential quotes which enhances one’s influential capacities. The quote mentioned by Mark Miller is one of the most inspiring lines. The moment you begin turning through the pages of this particular book, you are carried into a world of profound insights and knowledge that the author has beautifully brought out in his creation. It summarizes the author’s entire motive behind writing this book. The exceptionally wonderful composition by Ken Blanchard will motivate everyone to foster as a leader. This is greatly challenging and inspiring piece of work by him.
Through the use of his profound insight and valuable knowledge, the readers are enabled to find every kind of similarity in their daily life. You will also be led to certain discoveries regarding some helpful and efficient leadership techniques that will not only help you sharpen your skills but also build up your personal integrity. Influencing people is an Art and The Heart of a Leader is the key to master this art. The book is a sea of quotes and anecdotes that open the window to great wisdom on utilization of values, striving for excellence and integrity. The book begins with Ken Blanchard sharing that in school he found immense amount of motivation through the various posters surrounding the locker room walls—absolutely inspirational ones such as, “quitters never win, and winners never quit.” Overall, the content of this book is quite good. As a result, he found himself using them frequently to help people remember key points of leadership thus turning into a leadership guru. It also brings in the desired motivation for finding guts to change and reach out a helping hand to the people so that they can realize the nature of their actual potential and self will. Blanchard has very aptly stated that “Don’t get a big head when you win or get too down in dumps when you lose. Keep things in perspective and always remember that Success is not forever and Failure isn’t

It is an ideal book not just for your professional life but can also come handy in your professional field of work. It is full of pages to read right through to being a true leader at work, in relationships, and managing people and the problems. And there is absolutely no need to be worried about the huge number of pages contained in this book because the author has taken care to keep all his leadership lessons in a short format that is easy to read yet consisting of matter to which the reader can relate. As a result, it contains lessons which are not too long or complex and not very dragging or boring Blanchard has shown his powerful skills as a captivating and much-sought-after writer. Apart from that he is also a leading consultant to many companies including multinational firms in the field of training, personality development and leadership. After all, if you don’t seek perfection, you can never hope to touch the sky. The quotes brought into use by Blanchard clearly show his visionary approach towards life and a dearth of leadership skills and extraordinary professional vision which help managers and professionals to motivate the learners and get the best out of perfectionists.


There are several quotes used here, which are coined by himself for some instances, and by other leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt, Norman Vincent Peale, and his many talented co-authors.
Summing up his profound knowledge, Blanchard emphasizes on ‘Walk your Talk’ strategy. One must make every effort to become the living symbol of one’s value system. As per his thinking, once these core values are set in place, identified and communicated, they become the ultimate power possessor. Learning the ‘Art of Influence’ is an ongoing process, a journey without a finish line.”
Finally, everyone ought to realize that we get to live our life only once in thus in that way our lives are extremely valuable and gifted. So, establish a path for yourself and let your values and principles guide you as you walk through it. Everything and anything will become possible. Putting it in another way, it is up to you how you take charge of your life. So, make it all it can be! Most importantly according to Roosevelt’s quote “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” So it teaches us to keep moving on despite our several shortcomings and issues of concern.
So grabbing a copy for every individual will definitely not be a waste of time. At the end, summing up with an impressively inspiring line that explains the complete motive of the book.

You may fool the whole world down the pathway of life and get pats on your back as you pass, but your final reward will be heartaches and tears if you have cheated the man in the glass.
– Dale Wimbrow