Help yourself by helping others

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How many of us actually want to help others as compared to those who appear to be  wanting to help others? Even helping others is by and large helping you and serving your altruistic ego. We join NGO’s, communities etc to merely think that we are helping others. But in reality we are helping no one but ourselves in the process. There are a handful of those who do TRUE charity and helpful work as compared to those who serve a racket to want to appear in the limelight. Most of the NGO’s these days are merely profit run organizations with hardly any of them achieving their target to truly helping them. If that was the ideal scenario, they wouldn’t have marketed themselves in the first place. Most of us who appear to want to help others always make it a point to mention it to other people about it and there it goes. That is exactly where we are serving ourselves only and losing the spirit of helping others. Also if we can recognize that we are merely helping ourselves by helping the rest,   that is alright. It’s alright to be altruistic as long as you realize it. Since it is the survival of the fittest, everyone tends to be altruistic and diplomatic and serve himself in every way possible. Gone are the Mother Teresa like people who were truly selfless and lived for the attainment of rights of the underprivileged  , fought for the existence of the girl child etc. So unless we reach that level of commitment, all the so called NGO’s, non-profit organizations etc are a farce.

While the analysis of the mind, it is always found that we love ourselves the most and every other desire stems of that. We always need to first feed our ego. Take for example, You see an old lady waiting for a rickshaw and you yourself are waiting for one. If in 5minutes only one rickshaw appears, you might give it to her thinking of her age. But what if the same situation occurs wherein both of you are waiting for one for the past 1 hour and then you suddenly spot one. You most definitely will jump inside and take it away not bothering to think what , who why or any other thing thereby satisfying your inner ego only. But most of us do not understand this. We   think and satisfy ourselves by thinking that we are being humble, humane etc thus failing to   understand that we are becoming more artificial in the process. Humbleness is an art that is unconscious, the moment we become conscious about it, we are no more conscious. You either are humble or are not humble. You cannot pretend to be something that you’re not.

Most of the people involved in charity work confessed that initially they begin it for fun but as more people are being served in a better manner, their ego keeps getting that positive push and making them happy, hence it’s not the work they do that makes them happy but the altruistic feeling in their mind that satisfies them. It is perfectly ok to be altruistic .In fact it’s a normal human tendency. But acknowledging it is what makes the difference.

So what do we do?

-Help a child as an when you can. Nothing will give you more joy than the happiness of the child.

– Help anyone in need up to how much ever is possible by you at every event.

-Always help people realize their dreams and show them the path towards achieving it.

-Never be so altruistic that it starts harming the other person. Then you are yourself going in the negative terrain. Altruism is good to a certain limit.

– Never ever be altruistic with a child. That’s the worst thing you can do.

We all are a part of the society and hence we need to keep feeding our altruistic ego’s. So always be willing to help someone in need, be grateful for what you have because someone somewhere is always wanting to be in your position. You must sooner or later realize that the more goodwill you spread across, the more wellness you will receive and in turn keep spreading.

We don’t want to be Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, but we must be our truest selves. Always striving to be a fuller, richer person. Always willing to help one another. As the famous song by  Micheal Jackson.

“  Make it a better place, for me and for you and the entire human race,

   There are people dying, if you care enough for a living, Make a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.”

Tomorrow when we are not alive, we need to leave our children to understand the importance of always being with one another, understanding each other and making the world a better place in a true sense. We cannot leave back our material pursuits but our value systems, our intentions, our beliefs. Definitely yes. So go ahead and heal the world!