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We people think that we know ourselves most of all but sadly that’s not the case and this is one of the main reasons for unhappiness today. Self introspection is of prime importance and can truly change you for the better. It is always easy to know about another person, his faults, his qualities but what about you yourself in the first place? One of the best and efficient ways to get to know yourself is by reading self help/non- fiction books. Biographies are a good source to learn about the failures and success about the person and relate to oneself too.

Shift in thinking

Books not only improve our language , speed and vocabulary but are a rich source of transformation.

They provide a means of self analysis which in the long run is the only important thing. This is not something that we can find on google. We need to read such pieces, ponder on them and look at it as a rich source of information about self analysis. Top ten books that have personally had a life changing effect on me are as follows.

  1. Think and Grow Rich-Napolean Hill

You will realize what it takes to grow rich and succesfull. A masterpiece and a guide. The only                 thing is- that one thought.

  1. Success through a Positive Mental Attitude- Napolean Hill

This will take you through such examples that you can’t help but be grateful for what you have. You will realize that whatever condition you’re in, however adverse it is, there are always   people who would love to have the life you have and always there are those who are living in a far worse condition than you.


  1. Tipping point- Malcolm Gladwell

This book has taught me that whatever we do in life, there is always that one tipping point or      saturation point where something unexpected happens in such a way   that you never previously believed would and for that time/moment to come, no one can do anything. It just comes.

  1. Creative Visualisation- Shakti Gawain

This is one of the best works I’ve come across. It teaches you the principles of Do Be Have instead of Have Do Be which is so important and when one truly understands the reversibility of these three words, it is a complete change in being.


  1. Blink- Malcolm Gladwell

It makes us understand that there are something that happen in a blink, no one has a role to play here but also something s that people know do not have a reason. They just are.


  1. Managing Yourself-Harvard Business Review

Managing and knowing oneself is of prime importance and  can become utmost complicated too. If you want to know ways by which this can be done, this is definitely something to start reading. One important thing I learnt here is” Being simple or humble is a unconscious decision which is happens from inside and from sheer habit. Once you are conscious about it, you are no more simple any longer”.

  1. The Secret- Rhonda Bryne

This essentially   exposes us to what people have achieved with their mind. The importance of positive thinking in every situation no matter what happens is beautifully explained.

  1. Power Of Now-Eckhart Tolle

This essentially taught me the Power of being in the present and doing things in the moment .It is a very good read especially if you’re a procrastinator. Procrastination is nothing less than a disease.

  1. The Winning Way- Anita & Harsha Bhogle

This shows a very fine graph between sports and business, Links business workings to each and every way ,attitude in cricket and links the never give up attitude in the game .Amazing read especially if you are a sports lover.

10.The Choice- Goldratt

This is one book that must understand since it is linked to our life, our decisions, our choices .Everything we do in life , the friends, companion, place, even parents is a result of a choice. A choice that either we make or don’t make.

I think books is the best thing that can happen to mankind and you never mess around with a reader. Words are sharper than a sword and a the nib has immense power. Self help books should be read by everyone at some or the other point for the mere reason of understanding and being at peace with oneself. It not only makes you a bigger person  but helps you help yourself immensely. It helps you forgive people, understand people better and treat people and yourself harmoniously in adverse situations

We are essentially running the life race but once all this comes to a halt then what? You have only yourself to deal with .That is when , you accept yourself for what you are. Remember whatever happens in life in a consequence of what we think  and the better you know yourself the better every situation will turn out. You have to love yourself. So if you read self help, you’re already a different person and if you don’t, well take your first step.

Read one book and observe the tremendous change in yourself.