High Blood Pressure Reduction

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High Blood Pressure has become a lifestyle disease along with the other ones – Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis and Spondylitis. Unfortunately most of these diseases cannot be cured completely without proper medication and in some cases physiotherapy. However, the more problematic ones are are high blood pressure and Diabetes because they are gradually becoming the sole reason for most deaths across the globe. In the United States itself, fifteen percent of the deaths are caused due to high blood pressure according to a Harvard Study. Yet, how long can you keep popping pills and live with their side effects? The side effects of such medications include leg cramps, dizziness, insomnia. It is a rather difficult situation to overcome. Unfortunately, no one has found a permanent solution to get rid of it completely apart from the usual precautions that can only lower the level of blood pressure and keep it in check. Blood pressure when it shoots up can cause fatal conditions such as cardiac arrests, aneurysms, cognitive decline or even kidney failure. Therefore, if you are suffering from high blood pressure it is best to take the following precautions –

1. Weight reduction:

The first and foremost way to reduce your blood pressure is to reduce your weight. This can only be achieved by working out and eating a well maintained diet. You can choose from any fitness routine that you would want to follow but your diet should be controlled. Luckily there are various natural fruits that can be consumed to further reduce the pressure levels.

Blueberry - Blueberry is known to reduce high blood pressure. Other fruits like strawberries and raspberries contain anthocyanins which help protect against hypertension according to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Cereals – Whole grain and high fibre cereals like Oatmeal, oat squares, bran flakes or shredded wheat helps reduce your chances of developing high blood pressure. Cereals are also a healthy option and when tagged along with the blueberries, you won’t have much to worry about.
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Potato – All of us love baked potato, and the good thing is potatoes are rich in minerals like potassium and magnesium. According to research, when potassium levels increase blood pressure has been observed to decline by 10 %. The other options which can be considered are Spinach, Kidney beans, Soy beans, Bananas and non-fat yoghurt
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Beet juice – According to Queen Mary University of London, drinking a glass of beet juice can reduce the blood pressure level in just hours as stated in the journal Hypertension, since it is rich in nitrate levels and acts as a nitrate pill. Therefore, it acts like an emergency drink.

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Skim milk – Another drink known to keep the blood pressure level in check is skim milk. It is especially beneficial for women. In a study conducted in the year 2008, women who consumed low fat dairy products were 11% less likely to develop blood pressure.images (6)

Apart from healthy dieting, power walks and fitness routines help the heart use more oxygen and also reduces the fat deposits in the blood vessels which might cause cardiac arrests.

2.  Salt intake has to be controlled 

Salt is a major factor which needs to be controlled, by which I mean needs to be lowered to reduce the chances of high blood pressure. Salt always works to increase the pressure level in the blood, because of which staying away from it will only prove to be beneficial. This usually happens because salt contains sodium and that harms the body by increasing the problem. Since every meal we consume has to have salt, it is best to reduce the amounts for patients suffering from high blood pressure.

Avoid salt

Avoid salt

3. Deep breaths 

Slow breathing and meditation decreases stress hormones and in turn increases renin, a kidney enzyme that raises the blood pressure level. Therefore, deep breaths is an important factor in controlling blood pressure.

4. Snoring issues

Yes, although most of you may attribute it to a blocked nose or extreme stress, snoring is an issue and you need to consult a doctor to stop it. Loud incessant snores is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). According to the University of Alabama, the sleep apnoea sufferers show high levels of aldosterone, which enhances blood pressure. If you have this problem you may also suffer from fatal interruptions in your breathing, at night. However, if you teat sleep apnoea then it will reduce your blood pressure levels.



The most important aspect of treating this disease is to have the will power to actually to continue doing it. You cant choose to follow a certain routine and then suddenly discard it saying it is not possible to continue. Do not treat high blood pressure as a trifle, it can cause severe damage to your health if not checked and especially if it is combined with obesity, it can easily effect your heart. Try to substitute your regular fruits for the ones stated above and work a little hard to reduce weight and avoid junk and fatty food. This you owe to yourself, and I beg you all to start caring a little more about your body. It is time to reduce eradicate these diseases from the world. So who is with me?