Hike your way to health

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We often completely rule out the fun and adventurous side of us to be more mature and boring, God only knows for what reason. Usually whenever the child in us wants to come out and play, we just suppress it for no rhyme or reason. And by come out and play I do not mean weird pranks like pouring beer on someone but just being adventurous. Well at times it is OK to be adventurous and go hiking, scuba diving, river rafting or camping over the weekend just for the rush. I know you all are too busy but come on people, life is too short for not grabbing the opportunities that come your way. Especially if you live in a city that is cut out for these kind of adventure sports then why should you not indulge in the craziness, once in a blue moon? Hiking, for example, is a healthy activity since it is out in the open and also extremely healthy because, well, you hike for hours on end for fun. Well for starters, hiking is an aerobic exercise which essentially involves walking for miles just for pleasure. If you have a hiking trail close to your residence, you are lucky because that way you have a completely unconventional option of remaining fit and healthy. The good thing about hiking is that you do not have to start off when you are in perfect shape, and the bad thing about it is that it is not enough of a fitness routine since it lacks strength training. So this is just a fun way to substitute the treadmill, amidst Nature. So here are some of the benefits of this crazy fitness routine:

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1. Helps you lose the extra kilos
Hiking does help you lose a lot of weight since it is pretty intense. If you love hiking and chose to do it on a regular basis then chances of you being lean is very high. Hiking is known to burn about 370 calories in an hour. Therefore, a sure shot calorie burner. Hiking employs the lower half of your body and it helps in slimming down your legs, calves, thighs.

2. Reduced chances of an early death
Hiking also reduces your chances of dying an early death. But that is the case with any form of workout session. If you are active for about seven hours in a week, you chances of dying early is reduced by about 40% as compared to someone who is active for only about 30 minutes in a week.

3. Healthy heart is guaranteed
Hiking or any other form of aerobic exercise provides extremely high health benefits. Due to the calorie burning characteristic of this particular activity, the chances of arterial blocks is reduced to a great extent. This happens because the blocks in the arteries near the heart are mostly due to high cholesterol or fat deposits in these arteries, which due to intense work out reduces greatly. Hiking is also known to reduce high triglyceride, high blood pressure, type two diabetes. Also the risk of stroke decreases along with these benefits. Hiking is also seen to improve the cardio – respiratory function.


4. Muscular and bone benefits
Hiking causes the muscles to turn more effective and increases muscular fitness to a great extent. Also due to proper oxygenation, it reduces fatigue. Hiking is also known to increase bone density and reduces the pace of loss of bone density, which is an excellent benefit considering the sudden outbreak of reduced bone density issues in the recent years.

5. Reduced depression
Any form of physical activity reduces depression to a great extent. Similarly hiking also reduces depression specially because it is an outdoor activity which can be done in groups with friends and family. It also wears you out enough to improve your sleep cycle. It is also known to enhance the awareness in your eyes and ears according to Ignacio Malpica, certified fitness instructor and personal trainer in Boulder, Colorado.

Hiking Swiftcurrent Creek

Better still, hiking effects the entire muscular system of your body from your legs, knees, ankles, arms, hips. Thus apart from being a calorie killer it also exercises your mind and enhances awareness of your senses. The above benefits can be easily secured, only when you choose to hike for at least 150 minutes a week. That comes to about two and a half hours. However, try to push your fitness routines up to seven hours a week to reap maximum health benefits. And to make it more intense you can hike uphill with heavy weight on your back, in which case only 75 minutes are enough. It is also  extremely beneficial for children, because it lowers risk of cardiac issues, high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity in the long run. It also helps the children by improving their focus and concentrating abilities. So folks it is time to get on your hiking boots, and  to start sprinting and climbing your way to a more healthy and fit life. Hiking is surely a more interesting way of losing weight than running on a treadmill while facing a wall, or spending hours at the gym doing the same aerobic exercises which can be easily substituted.