Home Care for the Tresses

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So you are done with your final exams and it is the summer vacations here. Summers are the time when most of us intend to enjoy the most. After all its vacation time! This is also the time when we visit the beach. But one cannot ignore the high rate of damage that it can cause not only to our skin but also to our hair. This is the time when we tend to find the dryness factor in our hair increasing rapidly. So much so it becomes of absolute importance for us to pay heed to its issues and move on to proper treatment of hair.


Summer is equivalent to ‘hot’. So it is natural to stay away from things that are synonymous to heat. Anything that is hot should be a compulsive avoidance in this season especially for your hair. If you are into a habit of blow drying your hair every time you have a wash, keep it away for this time. Stay away from hair dryers not just during summers, but also at other times. It is also advisable to make use of lukewarm water or the best option will be washing the hair with cold water. Hot water is a complete no-no. It is very important that you shelter your hair from the scorching sun rather than wasting time and money on the cure and several treatments afterwards. It is better for you if you tie your hair in a bun, or put it up; the motto is to not let it to be left open. Apart from the avoidance of the hassle of sweating, you naturally prevent some part of hair from getting exposed directly. Otherwise using a comfortable cap or a hat is a great way from sun exposure. You can also make use of scarves and stoles.


Most importantly consume a lot of water. It is very important to be hydrated not just for your body, but also your tresses. One cannot afford to forget that summer is also the season of sweating where high amount of water content is lost in the process of perspiration. Restoration of this lost liquid is of great necessity. Consuming fruits and fruit juices is also highly regarded. Also care must be taken to keep away from canned fruit juices. They do more harm than good due to the high content of sugar and fats. And please keep away from chemicals as much as possible. Opting for natural treatments is still better.

Not keen on having fruit juices? You may have to rethink. Pomegranate juice is a huge source of proteins necessary for bringing the desired to the hair. Try drinking pomegranate juice regularly. It will help by strengthening the hair. This is certainly an apt way to regain the lustrous look on your hair. It also maintains the health of the hair follicles.

Make use of a proper shampoo for your hair. Here is a house hold remedy for getting a good one. In the process of beautifying your hair, you tend to neglect the moisture loss. To prevent or repair the damage done to the scalp or cuticles, mash an avocado and add some mayo to it. This can be used to apply on your head. After leaving it on for at least half an hour or even better an hour, wash it off with cold water. Yoghurt with avocado can also be used as a suitable combination.

You can take half a cup of water containing diluted vinegar. After you shampoo your hair, use it at the final round of rinsing your hair. This will very well act as a clarifying agent.

The baking soda, a natural scrub can be very effectively used on your hair or body. Mix a cup of baking soda with some water to form a thick paste. After applying on the hair completely, leave it on for 15 minutes and with the help of cold water wash it off. Another way is to mix a table spoon of baking soda with your shampoo and wash it off with cold water! After this, you will be pleased to find the shine of your hair return gradually to your hair. These methods will help in repairing the damage caused to your hair by external factors and harmful products.


Since thousands of years, natural herbs have always been considered ideal for each and every problems pertaining to hair loss. No wonder our ancestors had healthy, shiny hair in their times.


Curry leaves are amongst the most favored and popular culinary herbs used by Indians. Having a dahi curry preparation is not easy to forget after all. Apart from adding flavor to the food, they are effective in boosting the growth of hair. Different people have varied opinions about curry leaves effects on their hair. Application of a concoction of curry leaves boiled in coconut oil is a huge success. On boiling curry leaves with coconut oil, the black residue formed at the end is used to apply to the hair, once a week and it is an excellent tonic for hair. Curry leaves can also be mixed with yoghurt to form a mixture that when applied to the head prevents graying of the hair and nourishes the hair and scalp. It also benefits greatly against hair damage and helps you say goodbye to the split ends effectively.

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