Your Home made beauty regime!

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We all see a number of beauty products being displayed at the nearby beauty shop, salons and General stores which are all for various kinds of beauty regimes like cleansing, toning, moisturising and scrubbing. Even for different parts of the human body there are distinct products in the market. A different product line for the face, and a different one for even our feet.

Have you ever wondered what these products which are all made of chemicals primarily, cause to our skin?
As soon as we start using  cosmetics or the commercialized products on our skin and other parts of the body, the side effects start prevailing too. For example using make-up everyday makes us lose the glow of our skin. In a same way these products makes our body beautiful only by artificial methods, leaving it with long term effects.
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No matter how careful we must be while picking the products, for example getting an ‘Ammonia free haircolor’ or a ‘sulphate free facewash’ . It only  helps you get that mental satisfaction of being cautious while choosing the product. The temporary beauty enhancement these products provide cause a long term effect on our skin and the body parts they are used on.
Our mothers have always advised us to use home made products rather than being dependent on the products which are displayed with beautiful outer coverings and sky high price tags for a reason.  No beauty product or regime from the commercialized world we live in, can compete with the natural products we find at home. It just a matter of knowledge about how we can use them for beauty purpose.
The best 6 are listed below, which can work wonders for our body, and can be found at home easily without even being expensive.

1) Vinegar for hair
It helps to restore lustre to the hair and leaves it smooth and shining. It works as a cleanser too for the scalp and to get rid of any product which is left in the hair due to prior usage. Vinegar can be used as much as three times a week or once a week, depending on the hair type.It is also known to fight dandruff and keep the scalp non-oily. Just a cup of vinegar in 3 cups of water proves as a perfect rinse for the hair just before going out, and restores the shine you need for your tresses.

2) Honey for your face
Honey  acts like an antiseptic for the skin, and leaves you with a glow after cleansing. It can be used as a face mask with lemon, or a scrub with grounded almonds for the body as well. Honey has antibacterial property which fights acne as well, and after a its usage it leaves the skin supple and refreshed too. It can be used with rose water or milk just to get the instant glow. Once a week or twice a week is the best way to keep your skin fresh and glowing by the use of honey.

3) Coconut oil for the feet
We have used coconut oil for the hair, for our body, but have you specially used it for the feet?Turns out that regularly moisturizing the feet by coconut oil helps them remain supple and fresh. Cleaning the feet with soap and water and then, massaging them with warm coconut oil takes care of the heels from getting cracked and also the skin of the feet smooth, soft and fair. Even the toe nails remain healthy and smooth by the regular usage of coconut oil for the feet.

4) Gram flour as a scrub for your body

Gram flour works wonders as a scrub for the body, leaving the skin clean and smooth at the same time after usage.Gram flour or chickpea flour as it is called,helps scrub off the dead skin and dirt out of the body and in turn helps to keep the skin refreshed while not being harsh on the skin.If used with rose water or curd, it can prove to get rid of the tan we get due to being exposed to the sun. Using gram flour as a scrub once a week proves to be beneficial for your skin and helps it remain smooth and dirt free.

5) Rose water for the eyes

We all use medicines and eye drops to help cure our eyes when the infection prevails
But keeping the eyes clean and clear is always needed as we use makeup which gets inside the eyes while putting it our removing it. Same as dust, which gets into your eyes as we travel. Using medicated rose water, one drop each for the eye helps them to be healthy and acts like a cleanser and prevents them for various eye infections. Note :  Consult an eye specialist or a physician first before using rose water as eyes are the most sensitive area of the human body, and only medicated rose water should be used if advised by the specialist.

6)  Lemon peel for pearly white teeth


Soft drinks,coffee,tea and what not, regular consumption of such items leave our teeth yellow and dirty. As a result we are left feeling embarrassed while smiling or showing our teeth out wide and spend thousands of rupees at the dentist for treatments. Bleaching, which is one of the common treatments in this case makes the teeth flashy white, but damages the them also in some or the other way. Hence to save the hard earned money and to protect our teeth, using lemon peel once in three days proves beneficial. Rubbing lemon peel all over our set of teeth for even 5-10 minutes once in three days helps the teeth remain pearly white and spot free naturally.