Honesty or Not?

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The internet is flooded with articles as to how to make a relationship work and what to do and what not to do. If one goes off internet there are people telling you how to make things work with your better half or friends or family or for the matter of fact anyone. The world is full of advices. But do we really take that advice? How many times has someone told us to do act in a certain manner in a certain relationship and we haven’t done it? Well it happens more than often. Doesn’t it? No matter what way things are going between two people there are zillions of other people who will be telling you what the right thing to do so and also what the right thing to say is. For the matter of fact there is no right or wrong thing to say.

All of you who have gotten this far in this article might be wondering what relationship advice is this article going to preach. To your surprise, this article will talk nothing about bridging gap between two people and what you should get for the other person or what you should say, tomato-tamato. This article is going to talk about the very base of every relationship in our lives and that is honesty. For all of you who believe that every relationship is based on love and trust, then let this be an eye opener for you because what you believe is wrong. No true love or true trust can exist between two people if there is no level of honesty.


Honesty is one of the most underrated things in this decade. The current generation is busy earning loads and loads of money and then spending it on alcohol and drugs. This is that one fact in life that we cannot deny under any circumstances. This is what is said of our generation. But apart from all of this one thing no one realizes that there is a lack of honesty at every stage and level of life. Kids and parents do not have that sort of an intimate bond maybe because parents aren’t honest with their kids and kids aren’t honest in return.

Yes it is rightly said that honesty is the best policy. The best example of this would be that as kids all of us have forgotten to get a certain book or do our homework and everyone comes up with great excuse. Everyone has different excuses and some have really weird ones but that is not the point. You must’ve noticed that the kid who give the most honest answer, even though gets taunted but at the end he is the one who doesn’t pay a higher price and that is mostly because he or she did not lie and were truthful about their behavior. This is just one of the many examples from our lives.

People cheat and that is one hard fact in life that we have to face no matter what. Cheating hurts. It does even if one begs to differ. But it hurts less when one has been honest about it. That is when you can’t be mad at them because they had that much courage to come upto you and tell you that what they did was wrong. Whether they feel bad for it or not is another debate for another time.


Over the time people have forgotten to be honest. The relationship which is shared even by friends has become formal. There is a formal binding of some sort which has no place for honesty in it. To be honest one needs intense courage and somewhere down the line most of us lack that courage to be honest. Maybe that is one reason why the amount of destroyed relationships among people have increased. They will do anything to save the relationship but apart from being honest with each other.

Honesty is not about cheating or anything, it is about voicing your opinion and saying how you feel no matter what. Even if it scares you more than anything you still talk about it and let it out. Do you remember the last time you did that with someone? Told them how you feel about them instead of going behind their back in saying it? QSTNstatusQuo-honesty-expensive-gift-1024x722

One of the best thing that honesty does to you is that it makes you into a lesser negative person. It transforms all your energies and also changes the way you see thinks. Your mind opens up to new avenues and you start to see that side of yourself and other people that you thought never existed. Being honest to one another is the basic need of being human. Our world is in a desperate need of humanity and that is what honesty gives. It makes a person more humane and kind.

If you flip the coin, honesty does have its bad sides too. Yes, at a level you are getting yourself into a certain sort of situation out of which it will be really hard to get out and might hurt other people’s feelings especially of those whom you do not want to hurt. But this doesn’t mean that honesty wrong.

So from today onwards make yourself a promise that you will be more honest towards and the world and towards yourself too. It is more important to have a level of honesty with yourself. We tend to lie to ourselves most of the times. Don’t we? So from today be honest and things will turn around for good sooner or later and no matter how annoying you might think this might be, you will make a better and stronger future for yourself and also with the people around you. There is no harm in being honest. Whatever you will set out to do with an honest heart you will achieve it no matter what. So do give it a try.