How to Avoid Shyness In Your Daily Life

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Yes, being shy is necessary in some situations but it becomes a problem when it becomes a part of your attitude and nature. This is not just for relationships, this is for people dealing with panic attacks, anxiety and fear. If we feel nervous when we approach people then obviously being shy has become part of our life. Shyness gives birth to low self esteem. We speak with a very low tone and can’t look people in the eye. Our handshake is not firm at all. This all allows other people to take us for granted. We are saying to other people with this body language – “I am not worthy” “I don’t deserve to be listened” “I am not enough”. So, here are some areas we have to look at if we want to avoid being shy in our daily life.

1. Status Anxiety


This is the main reason why many of us feel shy. There is a fantastic book by Alain De Botton named “Status Anxiety” that explains every bit of this status anxiety thing. This is really fantastic. We have to realize that many of us have anxiety because we are living in the past or the future. In essence, we are out of the present moment. The anxiety is the anticipation. This is why many of us feel shy because we are waiting for something to happen that is never going to take place. The solution to this is to move into our bodies more and absorb ourselves into the present moment. Just start taking those gigantic deep breaths right from the base of your spine. Feel the air invading your body and be thankful for the life you have. Being nervous around women or men is also a part of status anxiety. It comes when we replace what we are with what we do. The job you do is just a function. It is not a definition of who you are. It is necessary to to let the other person know who you really are. Because the real face of you is going to come out sooner or later. To stop being shy, we have to let go of any identity of ourselves. As long as you identify with the identity society has given you, you can never be free.

2. Perception and beliefs

belief system

The perception we have of ourselves is greater than the perception other people have of us. If we can change our mind, we can change our world. It is very necessary to change our belief system if it is not serving us anymore. Many people don’t see themselves in positive lights and don’t feel worthy at all. But we have to change that. We have to see ourselves in higher regard. We have to become our greatest fan. Just start clapping for yourself. Start screaming. Start Shaking. Thats how it goes and that is how you can stop being shy.

3. Lack of self love

lack of self love

If we feel nervous when we are approaching a woman or man, this is because we don’t feel worthy and don’t love ourselves a hundred percent. We don’t feel that we deserve to be in their presence and this shows in our actions and our behavior. To deal with this, we have to change the words we say to ourselves. “I am no good.”  to “I am good enough.” Because the words are vibrations. The words are commands that govern our every action. When we have self love inside us, it overflows to everyone we meet. To start attracting love and respect, we must stop searching for love and respect and start creating love within ourselves. This boosts our confidence which is all about trusting ourselves. Therefore, we can to to anyone and we will feel comfortable in any situation.

4. Love your body

love your body

It is necessary to embrace your body a hundred percent. It doesn’t matter if you are fat or thin, your body is your vehicle. It is your temple therefore you have to love every single cell within your body. We have to realize that if we are unhappy about our body, it shows in our every interaction we have. Even if we feel that our body could be changed so that we can become the greatest version of ourselves. What we have to do is to see that it is in progress. It is already being done through our actions and our will. We must never see our bodies as burdens because that is the biggest reason why we feel shy. When people ask you how are you. You say – “I am fine.” But your body language says otherwise. Remember, over ninety percent of our communication is non verbal therefore the body never lies.

5. Leave comfort zone


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Push yourself past your boundaries. It really frees you. Dare yourself to do something you think you can’t. Set up personal challenges. Place a bet. It is amazing just to see how a lot of us have “Surface Relationships” and that is why we are afraid of diving deep and any intimacy. The more intimate you become with yourself, the more intimate you can become with other people. This in turn reduces our fear and makes us less shy. We have nothing left to lose. Also, when you wanna give instead of just taking for yourself, you don’t feel shy because you can’t be rejected by others anymore.