Hypertension: Symptoms and How to Control It

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More than a thousand people die every day in the United States because of the reasons contributed by high blood pressure. Moreover, about one in every three is suffering from it, of which only half of them have it under control. High Blood pressure or hypertension is the main cause of CVDs (Cardiovascular Diseases). It simply means that the pressure in your blood vessels is higher than normal.


There could be many reasons for the same, see the following:

  • The main scientific reason of hypertension is the heart beating faster. It may beat faster because of enhanced levels of blood volume in the vessels, or it may beat faster or harder because of clogging of cholesterol at the inside walls.
  • Genetics. Well yes, it’s a genetically inheritable disease. If any of your parents had/have high blood pressure, then you’re having higher risks of having it too, and the risk goes even higher as you age. You’ve got their genes in your cells. Just pray that those genes don’t get expressed, they just remain recessive throughout.
  • High fat diet. This reason tops the list of reasons. High fat diets are high in cholesterol, and some of them are pretty high in Low Density Lipoprotein, also known as the bad cholesterol. This LDL, with time, starts to clog the inner walls of the blood vessels narrowing down the blood pathway. As a result, the heart has to put more efforts to pump the blood through. This in turn causes high pressure inside.
  • Lack of physical activities. People back to old days used to be healthier than what we’ve become. As the technology is progressing, we’re becoming lazier. People use automated vehicles even for short distances. Walking or cycling through them would help you reduce the fat levels of your body, it’d help you clean the clogging in your arteries.
  • Smoking. This is obvious. All cigarettes packet say “Smoking is injurious to health”. It has the highest death toll over the world.
  • Obesity.
  • Stress. Have you ever wondered why do you feel headache when you’re stressed? Why does your head start burning? Leave it, have you ever wondered why people say “Just Be Cool”?


Well, when you’re stressed, you think too much, and for this to happen, your heart pumps more and more blood towards your head creating a heat sensation. It is same as a machine getting hotter because of its extended usage. This pumping at elevated frequency creates hypertension.

  • Diabetes. People suffering from diabetes have higher risks of getting into hypertension as well.
  • High level of salt intakes in daily diets.

The normal blood pressure level is 120/80 mm. A person is said to be suffering from high BP when this level remains above 140/90 mm for most of the times. Apart from that, for the people who’re having high BP from a long time, may develop blurriness in their vision, headache, vomiting, dizziness, pain in the chest etc. Hypertension is incurable, however, it may be controlled by medications and other methods. If ignored, it might even lead to organ failure including heart attack, kidney failure, loss in sight and strokes.


Well, we’ve already seen how dangerous hypertension could be. Doctors suggest that a normal person should get his Blood Pressure checked every year or so. With age, the probability of developing it increases. Still, there’s nothing to worry about. With change in lifestyle, change in food habits and implementation of some exercises, hypertension could be bought under the safe limits.

Here’s a compilation of various suggestions, that’ve been tried and tested okay:

  • Do some exercise! Those who work out on regular basis don’t fall sick often. About half an hour of exercise a day daily would do. You can start from jogging and simple stretching exercises and move on to body weight training and then even to weight training. It’ll not only reduce the harmful fats and LDL from your body, but also get your body in a good shape. Well, who doesn’t like a good physique? There’s this one point to remember at this stage. The people who’re currently suffering from high blood pressure shouldn’t jump into demanding exercises at once. Start light, and move on to heavier ones only when you start seeing the changes in your body.
  • Yoga and Meditation. Well, some people have reported to control their high blood pressure solely by Yoga and Pranayama. You can join a yoga class or learn from hundreds of instructional videos on the internet. The good thing is that Yoga will not only reduce your high blood pressure levels, but it will also increase your overall immunity, thus reducing the fear of other diseases.
  • Get full sleep. For an adult, 8 hours of sleep a day is said to be perfect. And if you can get those 8 hours at the night in one go, it’ll be even better.
  • Diet. Watch what you’re eating. Stuffing pizzas and burgers all day would bring many heart diseases to the body. Include green veggies, a good amount of protein, carbs and fats (yeah, fats too. They’re not necessarily bad all the time) in your diet.
  • If possible, give up smoking and drinking. You’ll be wondered to see how miraculously it could change your life.

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