Important Safety Tips for Bunk Bed Owners

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Bunk beds are convenient- they save space and can add a young and cheerful look to a kids’ room. Whether these are used by kids or adults, some practical safety guidelines should always be followed to ensure safety. Due to the better government regulations, bunk beds these are the safest they have ever been yet it should be mentioned that being reckless can injure one from any kind of furniture. Parents with mischievous should especially be relieved to know that bunks for kids are mandated to even stricter standards.

Owing to the their utility and design for saving space, there are some safety measures that should be put in place due to their elevated structure which is more susceptible. Since these beds are taller and stacked, it is a given that they are slightly less stable (especially in earthquake-prone areas). However, if the safety measures are followed through, one can be sure that bunk beds are just as safe as the regular beds.

These are some of the tips, following which you can be sure of your family’s safety and satisfaction-

  • Purchase the bunk beds from a furniture store that sells quality products as well as a quality guarantee or warranty.
  • While assembling your new bed, follow the instruction manual carefully
  • To prevent anybody from falling out of bed, choose a bed with guard rails higher than the mattresses.
  • The upper bunk should be taken by kids not younger than 6 years old.
  • A bed bunk with stairs would be better than a bed bunk with ladders in order to minimize tripping and stumbling.
  • Make sure that the mattress size in your bunk bed is accurate.
  • If the bed bunk you choose has a ladder, check if the spaces are small enough to not let a child’s head or torso to fit through.
  • Only a single person should occupy the top bunk.
  • Kids should not be allowed to play on or under the bed.

Apart from these, other consideration should also be kept in mind. Another important factor when it comes to the safety of bunk beds is the screws as they tend to become loose over time and it doesn’t cost anything to just check them from time to time.

For better stability among the bunk beds, the twin over full bunk beds and the full over full bunk beds are the best. Since they have a wider bottom, they are harder to shake or tip, making them a better option especially for people who live in earthquake-prone areas or those who share their home with active people. A bunk bed with stairs will also help prevent any injuries. If you install a bunk bed, communicate the precautions and consequences with your kids to be safe.

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