Let The Music Play

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When it rains, many of us want to brood about how we spent the last five years or the one that passed. For some, it’s a profound moment of joy as they discover the beauty of the world, in a way much more different than how they have been perceiving it till then. For the hopeless romantics, they just wish they had their special person with them.

For most us, we just want to sing and feel the droplets as it slides down our faces, our arms and disappears amidst the million silver bubbles below..

And as we stand there under a sky full of tears, perhaps the tunes of “Yellow” will pop into our heads. Or maybe of “Careless Whispers”.

As the water droplets start drying, removing their presence from our bodies, we sit in a corner and think of those few moments of unbridled joy experienced some moments back. Inevitably, a tune pops up in our mind. Maybe “The Sun Won’t Set”. Or “You’re Beautiful”. And like the rain that just drenched you, the strains of that song sinks in every pore of your body, making you feel a joy, that lasts longer than the scattered rain that just teased you with a few drops of its essence.

The elements are as temporary as can be.

But music isn’t.

It is not temporary, but transient.

And it is this quality of music that keeps us enchanted throughout our lives.

There is a song for every mood, for day and for every period in our lives. And what’s more, these melodies become a part of us in the form of our personalities. Their words, their strains leave an indelible mark on our minds that stay with us for as long as we live. It becomes our identity.

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From Nirvana and Metallica during teenage to Maroon 5 and Owl City when nearing the end of high school, music and lyrics remain a part of the journey. It’s what makes the bumps seem less jerky and the sunsets more beautiful than just basking in the sadness of another day ending. For, when we listen to the soulful strains of a sitar, or the thumping beats of drums, the inner vibrations of the player tries matching their wavelengths with ours and when it does, the resultant effect is, what we call “Cosmic Harmony”. The music takes us on a journey of motion and rhythm where nobody else can invade or even keep track of us. Hell, even we can’t keep track of ourselves while on this journey of contentment. It’s like a personal journey within ourselves that extends the flesh and blood.

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Like the fragrance of flowers, the vibrations of melodies are always there. They might not always be tangible, but their presence is felt. If not in our ears, in our souls. For the rhythm of the cosmos are always there in us. It is just waiting for the right moment to play and be played. Perhaps, this is the reason we enjoy listening to music. The music of the other souls try establishing contact with us. A sort of communication, bonding. A contact that will lead our souls to the collective whole that exists beyond these borders of humanity. Much like scientists are trying to gather intelligence about life outside planet Earth, our souls, too, try to do the same. The difference is, our souls are trying to establish a contact that will lead to a greater good- Liberation.

Have you ever felt dog-tired but listening to “Yellow” relieved you? Or, felt sad about an old lover and listened to “Let Her Go” and let it all out? Or, listened to “The Reason” in the hopes of a better time? I’m sure, David Guetta and Pitbull makes you wanna put on your dancing shoes and say “Bye-bye” to stress. What about smelling like “teen spirit” once again? Or thinking about old summers spent at your lover’s mama’s porch?

Think about the time you felt disgusted with the world and the people and thought about a “Redemption Song”.

Or maybe texted “I’ll be there for you” to console a friend.

Or what about singing to “Umbrella” every time you took one out and had an awesome friend beside you? Or what about finally meeting someone who makes you believe that you’re living a “Teenage Dream”? And what about trying out Miley’s “twerking”?

Did you ever lie under a sky full of stars and chase cars in your head? Or waste time thinking about that beautiful girl you saw back at the metro?

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In a world that is trying to lose its convictions and become a wholly different entity, music is the only element in that remains a constant entity in our lives. It soothes our minds, relieves our stress, and yes, makes us lose fat if we dance to it. Interestingly, the rhythm and pattern observed in musical notes exists everywhere. From the trees swinging to and fro in the strong winds, to the everyday activities that we involve ourselves in. Pattern exists everywhere. As a part of “God’s Plan”. You just have to find yours. Like colors and the air, music is a compulsory part of our existence. We are used to their presence and are quick to notice its absence.

Meditation might not be everybody’s “thing”, but with an i-pod or phone full of awesome songs and lyrics, everyday is a happy day. Not everybody is familiar with Nirvana, the Lumineers, Bryan Adams or Bob Marley. For many, there are the “Bhajans” or songs sung addressed to a specific deity or spiritual healer. In a land where new gods and goddesses are born every day, bhajans work just as well.

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