Why should you love Monsoon

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June is coming to it’s second week and by this time, almost everybody is looking up at the sky and wondering when the carriers of thunder, rain and relief will be seen…

Those huge, fluffy, angry-looking, monstrous balls that look like cotton. There are very few things in life that deserve the oxymoron mentioned above. Monsoon and the dark clouds are among them.


Most of us like to stay back at home and enjoy the rains only from the terraces or windows even, but there are many more enthusiastic people, like this writer, who simply love to go all out and experience the phenomenon called “Monsoon”.

For water-lovers, there is nothing more enjoyable than rain and swimming while it rains. For the non-lovers, read on to know what makes Monsoon the most awaited season of the year…

1. Rains.


Oh, the joy! The joy! Apart from the fact that it sounds heavenly, raindrops have a quality to involve your deepest recesses of the mind with its incessant “pitter-patter”. And if you hear it long enough, you can almost hear voices trying to say something to you.

2. Nature.


Nature is at its best during this season. Sometimes dark and brooding, sometimes generous with the sunshine.. It’s literally a reflection of our moods, capricious and never staying the same for more than a few moments. It’s an absolute pleasure to be amazed by the variety of colors that unfold in the sky and the earth below. Also, the weather makes for a beautiful subject for artists and photographers alike.

3. Pakodas and Khichdi.

rain 2

The coolness of the weather demands hot food. What can be better than Pakodas and Khichdi for lunch? With the weather being as beautiful as these two dishes, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a lovely time, be it with family and friends or just by yourself.

4. Sleeping.

rain 3

This is for the lazy ones. And others who feel sleepy as soon as the weather turns cool and breezy. A nice, long nap is something NOT to be missed on a rainy day. But that’s not meant for every rainy day, cause then you won’t be able to soak in the awesomeness of the weather.

5. Wet earth.

rain 4

There is a fragrance of the wet earth everywhere and it’s hard not to miss. The lovely earthy smell of wet mud is something that literally calms your senses. It’s there in the air. And everywhere else too.

6. Swimming in the rain.

rain 5

As portrayed in the above image, swimming in the rain is FUN. Try floating on your back as you feel water everywhere. Literally. Thinking about “Let it rain over me”, I suppose?

7. Day-off.

day off

When it rains cats and dogs or just a drizzle, you have every reason to call your boss and have a day off. For the adventurous students, it’s usually party time with a rain dance in college or school.

8. Water, water everywhere!

rain 6

Okay, this might sound crazy, but don’t you absolutely love it when the roads get clogged due to heavy rains and the cars and buses drag through them, creating a sight to behold? It might be frustrating for the owners of these vehicles but for fun-loving pedestrians, it is an absolute delight.

9. Night sounds.

night sounds

There is something about the rains that just brings out the innermost voices of all creatures alive. From croaking frogs creating a ruckus all night long to crickets that just can’t stop chirping, all such creatures stay awake the whole night, and when you sleep, their sounds take you to a hole new world that is filled with fantastic creatures and their activities.

Sounds like a good night’s sleep.

10. Relief.


There’s this sense of calm that prevails after every shower. A feeling of being rejuvenated and relieved from all the pains and discomfort of existence. Apart from the fact that the Summer’s heat kinda tries to kill everything off, there is a certain bliss to be soaked in from all the cool breeze and the entire environment.

Some would cringe at the thought of monsoon, as it means walking on muddy roads and often slipping in mud puddles. For many, it is the end of their lustrous hair, ’cause the weather makes it all sticky and all the time. For the workaholics, monsoon is equal to sleeping in their office chairs in fear of skipping a day. For the lovers, it means no meetings in such awesome weather, thus WhatsApp, SnapChat and phone calls are to be the only solutions.

It’s actually healthy. This season. Haters often change their opinions and so do the lovers. This also means that people are subjected to change, whether they like it or not. It makes them plan better and be prepared.

The changing seasons are the biggest instances of the constant change which we undergo. It is also the most magnanimous and tough teacher we can ever have.




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