The Inner Beauty

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Once upon a time, there lived an evil Queen who had a magic mirror. Every day, she used to ask the mirror, “Hey Mirror, Tell me who is the most beautiful in the world?” And the response of the mirror used to be the same every day, “You, My Queen”. Do you know why she was evil? Because she believed the mirror beauty to be the real beauty. That’s why probably she couldn’t tolerate the beauty of Snow White.


“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” – Khalil Gibran

Well, sometimes, we get stuck into bad situations rooting to our emotions or feelings, because there’s this one thing…one thing that causes a lot of pain, a lot of suffering and a lot of sadness and this thing is the control of our mind. Most people do what their minds ask them to do. They’re nothing but the slaves of their minds. Having an urge to cigarettes and you’re ready to drive a few kilometers even at the midnight. Have been chewing tobacco even when you know it’s actually not good for your health at all. Once you work on yourself, once you work on developing your mind, once your work upon unleashing the mind power that you already have, it is incredible to see the kind of results you get in your life. You will be able to control your mind and will no longer be slave to it. YOU will control what you do, and not those five senses.

There are certain tools to unleash this incredible power of the mind, which makes you win the possession over almost every aspect of your life, your body and of course, your mind too. Methods are tried and tested and verified by a lot of people. These are the tools or instruments to develop the control over your mind power. Get that control and the inner beauty will follow. Let that inner beauty develop and you’ll see remarkable changes in your personality. Outer beauty is just another subset of all this positive change.

So readers, there are these three main tools to develop this control, which we’ll discuss now:

  1. The first one is the meditation. From your seemingly busy schedule, draw out enough time to meditate at least once a day, every single day. Meditation is priceless. There are incredibly many benefits of it. You can browse through various other articles on this site to find about the positive effects, I’ll just point out a few of the important ones:
  • Relaxation, calmness, tranquility, peace… Just sit down and meditate to feel all of it. The mind begins to relax, the body begins to heal, and you could be more productive thereafter. A relaxed mind could solved problems more efficiently and easily than a haphazard one. This relaxation could further help you in fighting with high blood pressure, which in turn could reduce the probability of various other related diseases as well. For example, meditation induces anti-inflammatory activities in the body (which usually is causes by stress), this anti-inflammatory property could help fighting many of the heart diseases.


  • Immunity. Well, meditation improves the immune system of the body. You’ll be having more B-Cells and T-Cells and your fight against the diseases will be more powerful.
  • Improvement in fertility. Yeah, there was some scientific research done for the effect of meditation upon fertility and it was found to be improved for the regularly meditating people.


  1. The second important point to get the control over your mind is to work upon the affirmation. You have to repeat positive statements and phrases, things that may empower you, that fill you with the positive energy. This can be something like, “I’m confident”, “I’m powerful”, etc. Feel positive and you’ll start feeling the change around you. I don’t want to go into the science upon it by explaining how it works. Scientific findings say that the people who think positively are able to cope through the stress more easily. They can solve the problems more easily and more often they’re the ones who succeed in the life battles. You can imagine the situations yourself. A negative thinker will either won’t try or he will give up very soon in a challenge. A positive thinker, on the other hand will keep trying and working until he succeeds because he’s confident of his success.


3.  Next, we move on to the third tool, gratitude. That is, a “Thank You” for every little positive thing that happen in your life. Feeling this gratitude is more important than saying it. When you’re grateful for something, you’re allowing the fate to give more of that to you. The Universe works this way. Like attracts like and therefore good feelings from you will attract good things in your life ahead. So, just smile and keep working on for the change.


Just try these three tools and you’ll see them writing the beginning of your successful and productive days. Relationships will improve, interactions will improve and your life will improve. This is when you’ll start feeling the magical changes in you and the people around you.

Well, congrats, you’re beautiful internally!


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