That Inner Voice

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Have you ever been trapped in a dilemma or say a multi-lemma and can’t decide which path to choose? That moment when you’re done with all the possible calculations to figure out which path will be better for you and which will not and still can’t decide? Brain says something and the heart can’t follow, while the heart says something else which the brain doesn’t support. On scientific grounds, one may say that “hey, heart doesn’t think! It pumps blood!” You’re right. Scientifically, our subconscious and unconscious minds do most of such jobs. The world “heart” is just in the literature for such a long time that we still use it rather than the long names as it gives more of special effects to the listener or the reader.


Back to dilemma, listening to the inner voice is what comes to picture then. How to listen to that inner voice?? Well, it talks to us all the time, but most of us are too busy thinking logically that we simply ignore it! Deep in our hearts, we know the answers. We just pretend not to accept it. Maybe because we think how such difficult problems could have such an easy solution? Aren’t we supposed to think more? And what we end up doing is thinking more and more doing nothing but making the situation more complex!


Let us do a small activity. We’ll try to listen that inner voice. Just follow these steps once you’re done reading all:

  1. Go to a distraction free place, and switch off all your electronic gadgets.
  2. Sit down in a comfortable position.
  3. Close your eyes and take few deep breaths.
  4. Calm down and relax. Initially your head might be occupied with a lot of thoughts. Slowly, most of them will fade away. Your problem will still be there in your mind. Relax, and keep breathing deeply till you’re left predominantly with that thought only.
  5. Stop worrying for the time being and start being grateful for all the things! Flush out all those negativities and attain positivity. Now talk to yourself. Ask yourself. Can you feel the solution? Did you get an answer? Well, if you still didn’t get it, go to all the solutions like a fool you previously thought of. Don’t let the brain involve! If you’re really in the relaxed mood, the inner voice will give a stretch of a smile on your face over the correct solution!
  6. You may get up now! Go and follow the answer you just got.


There are times in everyone’s lives when they know something, maybe something that is unpredictable or strange without actually knowing how they know that. For example, a relationship you know you shouldn’t get into, but you can’t explain why. Later the relationship fails. You don’t want to take up that specific job. Later, you finally end up with a screwed-up relations with your boss and colleagues.


The domain of the inner voice is quite large! It is always there talking to you. Everyone has it. But only some of us listen and follow it! A Clergy might refer it as the voice of the God, while a fakir may call it the voice of the universe. A few other people name it intuition. Some call it instinct. It is what that gives us the “gut” feeling. It can see the bigger picture out there. It never shouts…It’s just a subtle voice inside your head. Many times its talks via symbols and signs. So, you need to be more conscious about them! A head cluttered with many thoughts can’t hear that voice. You need to clean your mind first.

Too much of paean! Let me now describe why this inner voice is so important:

  1. It is not afraid of anything! A clear and fearless thought upon what to do. No boundations. Steve Jobs used to say “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition”. If after failures, he would stop listening to his inner voice, we might not have MacBooks or iPhones around us!
  2. It has a full-fledged confidence in you. Even at the times when you don’t have the confidence upon yourself.
  3. It brings out the best of you. Because it knows what’s the best for you. Because it has been living and observing you right since you were an infant.

We live in a science-dominated world. So, it’s in our habits to seek logic in every act we see or do. What if in some aspects the scientific discovery is not developed enough to provide its reasons? Spirituality begins where the science ends! And this inner voice is essentially a spiritual content. Some great philosophers say that they’d rather have the whole world against them than their own inner soul.


As you start listening to your inner voice, its starts growing too. It starts responding more frequently. Just tune the station of your head with that and start drawing inspirations! Follow it! Because it will make you cross the lines which were once said to be the limits. Expand your wisdom and dare to challenge the adversities. So, tap that little voice inside you and ask it “Am I going in the right direction?”

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