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A close friend of mine was continuously made fun of (usually behind her back) for her weight. She was not obese, but yes she was pretty overweight. While she was aware of people making fun of her, it didn’t bother her; or so it seemed to me at least. I was under the impression that she followed the mantra of ‘feeling beautiful in your own body’ – however difficult that maybe to follow. Once I brought out this topic in front of her and she remarked “Asking someone to feel beautiful or confident in one’s body is good, but when a person is overweight, it’s not only self – confidence issues he or she faces. The health is very much at risk too!” I knew she was right. When I met her after quite some time (over two months), my jaw dropped!

No she did get an hourglass body in two months – that is impossible; and if one does manage it, it is entirely unhealthy. But she had lost weight, a lot of weight and was beaming at me from head to toe.  So what did she do? She screamed with exuberance “Insanity!”  Before I got any weird ideas she explained to me that it was a type of a workout that she had bought off the internet – a set of ten workout DVDs with exercise regime, nutrition chart etc. that one has to follow for 60 days.


Shaun T. with his team (above).

The Insanity Workout is designed by fitness trainer Shaun T and consists of several exercises – all cardio to help you lose weight. The results are amazing but the regime as the name itself suggests is insane! When I went through their website and a few videos on You Tube, I realized that this workout is definitely not for the faint hearted. And I mean this literally. Not only does it require a great amount of dedication, but those with a weak heart and joint trouble should avoid it. The videos contain Shaun T screaming at you to push yourself beyond your limits. At the same time it also includes a diet plan so that your body is able to carry the strain of this strenuous regime. It consists of 40% carbs, 40% proteins and 20% fats. Junk food is a complete no-no and so are aerated drinks.

The results are extremely satisfying. My friend lost over 20 kilos in two months! She said that results were visible in a week. But before you turn overly enthusiastic about this whole regime, there are few points one must keep in mind:

  • Firstly, one needs to work on building up one’s stamina for at least a week if not two. Simple sets of warm up exercises for 10 minutes every day would do. If one is used to doing a couple of crunches a day or can walk a mile without any difficulty then it is an added bonus.
  • The first day of the workout is extremely tiring (actually each day is, but nothing compared to the first day). My friend remembers being not only incredibly sweaty but feeling weak and nauseated throughout the day.
  • There are roughly 30 second intervals between each set of exercises, not more.  The routine needs to be followed six days a week with 30 – 60 minutes of workout per day.
  • An advantage is that it requires no equipment whatsoever.
  • As mentioned earlier, those with a weak heart should avoid it. The strain is way too much. Also those with joint problems and other ailments should not follow it as it requires several reps of jumping up and down.
  • If you are used to going for long walks or runs, do not do this workout that day. Your knees will be very weak and your stamina will fail you. Do not do any other form of exercises with this regime.
  • While following the diet plan one should remember to avoid junk food including fattening foods at all cost. However, you could allow yourself a ‘cheat’ on the one day you don’t workout. But don’t stray too far. One can never exercise well with a bloated stomach.
  • Twenty kilos in two months might seem too much and hazardous to one’s health but it is completely safe. Shaun T. and co are a group of very experienced fitness trainers and if you follow the instructions well no one can stop you from achieving fabulous results!
  • Lastly, if you are looking for an extremely sculpted body then The Insanity Workout won’t help you. Since it is purely sets of cardio without any weight training, it will only help you lose weight. If you are obese, then try a combination of long walks and a strict diet before you take on Insanity. Again, this is solely aimed at weight loss and not weight gain.

After the completion of those insane 60 days, one feels in my own friend’s words ‘rejuvenated!’ She has restarted the regime, but this time she only does it three days a week and chooses her own combinations of exercises. She has achieved the results she wanted and now solely does it to keep herself fit. The Insanity Workout proves to be one of the most satisfying workout programs on the market.

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