Are we inspired by the ads we see?

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I have to tell you a real life incident. I have a friend who just loves to have Pepsi. Absolutely loves it, she can’t survive a day without a glass of it. Her parents had tried but in vain to explain it to her its effects. Add to that the fact that she was never a fan of milk. Hence, imagine the condition of her bones. Today she complains of her legs hurting every other day but refused to leave drinking Pepsi.

One day we showed her what happens when we mix pepsi and milk and leave it for half a day. The results shocked her. I would like you to actually perform this little experiment as I wouldn’t like to spoil the fun by revealing the result.

Moral-She has switched to having ice tea. Not the best choice but at least better than coca-cola and pepsi.

We live in a world of television and internet today and everything that we do is somehow inspired by what we see and hear. The lifestyle we want to live, the clothes we choose, the food we eat and even the kind of workout which we think would suit us best are all inspired by what we see.

Seems as if we are at the mercy of advertisements today.

So are our lives being framed by the advertisements we see? Some may not believe this but unconsciously, we are all on the same path.

Did you ever notice your grocery list?

I can assure you that the list would include maggi, pasta ,instant noodles, pepsi,  frooti or other powdered refreshing drinks, chips or mostly nachos these days.

Did you ever notice the amount you buy, the money you spent on such products on a regular basis? Ever wondered how in the first place you got to know about these items? Ever checked the back labeling of such products to check their nutritional value?

I believe not.

Advertisements are a great way to notice or even get impressed by a product.We always seems to buy products keeping the advertisements in mind and not their nutritive value. Did you ever know that advertisements can be misleading too?

Ever picked up a food product instead of the other because it is said to contain natural ingredients and is said to be fat free? Think again because you might be getting punked as these labels are often pasted without much thinking.. But don’t worry you are not the only one.

Advertisements usually turns us into a shopaholic or an impulsive shopper buyin stuff which may even not be useful to us.

We usually get attracted to costly brands thinking they might be healthy but that is so not true.

You need to wake up from your day dream and notice.

If you think you can lose weight or gain some height using certain health products. Then you are wrong because you neither lose weight without regular exercise and a good diet nor can you can gain height if you have crossed your growth period.

The saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is too good to be true.

Very recently, the Federal Trade Commission (FDA), a government organization which looks over the advertisements of food products had fined a certain company for publicizing that their products can help prevent cancer without any scientific proof or evidence.

Hence, do not believe in everything you see or hear.

It is often a strategic mind of the advertisement company to show advertisements during a certain time slot on the television and the radio so that it is able to cover as many number of population as possible.

So if you think that all your prayers have been answered and  all your worries would go away, think again. The products don’t even turn out the way they are shown in the commercials.

The main goal of such companies is to dupe the common man of their hard earned money.

In order to lure teenagers into buying their products, they often give promises of giving away materialistic large expensive hampers.

A rise in the number of advertisements that are aired daily has been observed as a reason for increasing obesity in adults and teenagers alike.

WHO(World Health Organization) has reported rise in both obesity and chronic diseases around the world in the last few years.

Hence there is a need to understand the right food for us and the right amount.

We today get inspired or more appropriately framed by the advertisements to buy certain materialistic things.

Observe the amount of junk food and fast foods you consume. We have not only become lazy but also immune to the effects realizing it only too late.

It is comical to even believe that we have been offered a perfect life on a plate only to repent for it for the rest of our lives.

Imagine having an apple instead of the instant noodles. Calculate the amount of money you be saving by being a healthier you.

Don’t get carried away by what you see. Use your intelligence and carve a healthier lifestyle for yourself and for others.

Advertisements create an anxiety, a chaos in the minds of the people which can only be relieved after purchasing that particular product.

So remember the next time you have junk foods.”A moment on the lips but forever on the hips”

Greetings everyone!I am Surbhi Sharma, an undergraduate science student from Delhi University.