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Sadness is depressing. Depression is sad. The two are inseparable. And they make us feel bad. You’ve all been through this. Either because you came out of a relationship, or someone said something really bad. Or maybe it’s the stress that has been eating you up or the muggy weather that simply refuses to go away. Or maybe you’re just sad. Plain sad for some reason unknown to you at present, but obviously like a good friend, your mind knows the reason but simply won’t do anything to cure it. Cause it wants you to fend for yourself. Sigh. If only there was something to stop this sadness. This nagging, depressive mood that simply refuses to leave you. Don’t pop in the antidepressants just yet, or start calling every friend and rant. Take a deep breath and read on for some easy and inexpensive but priceless methods to get over your depressive phase.

1. Cleaning.


FYI, this isn’t just for cleanliness freaks. Nor is it always meant for the maids to do. And it is obviously not meant to be done only when there is visible dust.and you’re worried that your guests are gonna see them. Cleaning up is actually a psychological manifestation of “cleaning” up the problem, or rather cleaning up your mind. When there’s a niggling problem at the back of your mind, cleaning makes us think that we’ve already solved the problem. It’s a sort of distraction. And it’s specially helpful when you’re trying to get over someone. Also, cleaning and rearrangement of shelves,cupboards, etc etc is said to bring about positive vibes. Blockage of space results in a lot of negativity around the house.

2. Cooking.

learn to cook

Yes. It’s not necessarily a woman’s domain. Nor is it meant for super chefs with their impeccable hats and nimble fingers. The

act of thinking out what to cook, what ingredients be used, whom to serve and the final act of cooking a meal for the family results in a tremendous release of stress and diversion of the mind from troubling situations. So, pull out those mittens and knives and get rolling!

3. Join some activity groups .


You might not even feel like getting up from your bed, but the more you socialize during this time and meet new people, lesser are your chances of pondering on that stressful thought. Join a charity or some community center that helps slum dwellers or is involved in teaching underprivileged children. In other words, DO SOMETHING. You could even join a dance class or learn the guitar. Theatre is also a very potent medium of sublimation.

4. Music.

music 3

Works everytime. If you’re trying to get over someone, I’d strongly recommend listening to “Unchain My Heart” by Hugh Laurie and “Panic Cord” by Gabrielle Aplin. And there’s “Black Heart” by Stooshe and “Let Her Go” by Passenger. If all these don’t seem to work, listen to “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel or “Jeremiah Peacekeeper” by POTF. Music is a great healer. Period.

5. Crying.

Sad Forty Year Old Man Drinking and Crying

It’s okay to cry. It acts as a release. But if you think that crying will solve all your problems, then you’re wrong. When there’s a constant feeling of heaviness in your heart and tears seem easy to come out than a smile, stay home for a day and cry your lungs out. Just a day. Maximum two. Just skip the alcohol. Drink water instead.

6. Talking.


They are there. But you need to gather yourself before talking about your problems. Whether you lost your job or are on the verge of losing your mind, their shoulders are there. Along with their words and consolations. The reason why I haven’t mentioned this before, is because you should learn to handle things yourself first and when you just can’t cope with it anymore, seek help and comfort. And not via WhatsApp or Facebook or some other such media. Personally.

7. Watch a movie or TV show.


Always helps. Be it “Friends” or “The Dark Knight”, the escape from the cage of sadness and depression, even though temporary, becomes easy due to this. Do not waste time on social media. And don’t sit with a bagful of chips or order in a Pizza while watching TV. It may lead to a condition known as “Bulimia nervosa” and even before you know what it is, your weight has already crossed the “obese” level.

8. Workouts / Yoga.

Healthy running runner woman early morning sunrise workout on misty mountain road workout jog. sunflare through the mist gives atmospheric feel and depth to these fitness images; Shutterstock ID 103383071; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone

Working out releases hormones that make you feel energetic and strong. Add to it, the fitness. Preferably,you work out in the early morning, just to avoid the laziness that sets in later on. Also, you need to breathe in the fresh morning air. My father always says, that a strong body automatically leads to a stronger mind. After being depressed for long and taking his advice, I can now safely and happily endorse his advice.

9. Get a makeover.


Get a haircut. Tan yourself. Wear nail polish. Or just shampoo your hair. In other words, start taking care of yourself.

10. Write.


You’ve always heard about the pen being mightier than the sword. Now try attacking with your pen. I don’t mean getting into a fight. Write down your fears, your problems and how it has been troubling you. Write a poem, if you are up for it. Even if you’re angry or sad about your job or a relationship, write a letter addressing the person you think is the reason for all your sadness. DON’T POST IT. Instead, tear it off or just burn it. Or just keep it somewhere where neither you nor anyone else has any chance of bumping into it. Also, you can keep a sort of check on your daily thoughts and try not to dwell on the negative ones.

Now that you’ve read about all these inexpensive and organic antidepressants, I’m sure one or more of these will work.

All the best.


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