Just a Dream!

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Just a Dream!


When we sleep we drift to a different world of our own, fantasy world or sometimes even a dangerous one. Yes you are right I am talking about dreams. Sometimes dreams are difficult to define whether we are awake or asleep in dream, it is that realistic. There are many instances when we feel or notice that this particular scenario has been already happened but actually it doesn’t. It’s been the unconscious mind which once displayed the blur image of the exact happening in present. I have experience such thing very often. Do you dream? Oh yes! It’s obvious every single person on this planet has a dream whether the person is rich or poor, grown or children, female or male, oh yes every dam person has it. And every person should dream to achieve their goal, they should have some aim to hold on some purpose to gain otherwise life feels useless. It differs from person to person though. Dreaming is living and we dream in our personal life. It gives us the hope to lean on to. When I was kid I always wanted my own room to play I still do though, the desire of having something and achieving it no words to express. That feeling you get can’t be compared. Poor dreams of becoming rich, rich dreams of becoming richer, kids wish to be younger and so on. Dreaming is easy though to accomplish it is a tough job. We dream the way we want our life to be “PERFECT” right but in reality its bit difficult to gain what we actually want. The world of our own choice, our own likes and dislikes our passion and hobbies, our favorites, though it doesn’t exist but it still is our vision and dream. We cannot live there but surely we can make dream world there too. Our dream is sometimes the mere reflection of our life. It is useful sometimes. Dreams influence us to pursue our goal. It acts as motivation most of the time. Why do we always dream about such things then which are merely impossible sometimes? Oh! Come-on don’t be philosophical it was just a question. No need to be serious. It’s fun to dream. Everyone is enthusiast when asked them about dreams and some of them do explain in detail too. It’s just a vague notion in mind of what deep inside they desire to hold on. But the main problem with every human is they don’t tend to find the way from here to there. Am not saying that the dreams you see are not achievable there are many people out there who have achieved their big dream and seen them coming true in front of their eyes. Dreams help to face the challenges we desire to catch up. Basically we can say that dreams make us what we are right now. It has created the world what it is now. If one has the desire to surpass the darkness and catch on to the little light wherever they get, they can always rise up no matter what even with the smallest dream of success.



One of the researchers says “a dream is an inspiring picture of the future that energizes your mind, will and emotions, empowering you to do everything you can to achieve it”. It links our possibilities of achieving those dreams in short it’s a way to pursue of what we want. It is not meaningless our dream obviously has some meaning itself. Henry David Thoreau says “dreams are the touchstones of our character.”  Sigmund Freud’s theory suggests that, “dreams are representation of unconscious thoughts, desires and motivations”. He also wrote a book named “The Interpretation of Dreams”. Many of them have done research on as to why we dream, many scientific experiments has been going on to find the desired result. According to them it’s just recall of past memory. Dreams are just and expression of symbolic representation of your emotions and feeling. They say dreams mean nothing to real life; they tend to pass no meaning all along. So what who cares? We just enjoy our dreams and will keep on dreaming in our world. Person without dreams is useless. Isn’t it? Future belongs to only those who believes in the scenic beauty of dreaming. It’s still not too late keep dreaming, do not hesitate. Dream more than you imagine and try to accomplish that because it’s the best feeling we get after achieving our aim. It’s a different feeling to turn our dreams into reality. Let us all hope our future to be the best with most wonderful dream ever. Dream is the thing which holds on to live further. There are no limitations to dreaming so dream. It’s just the beginning.