Kayak into a whole new world

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Once used by the Inuit, as a hunting transportation in the Arctic region, it has long been changed and reinvented over the years to be used in adventure sports, serene rides and fishing. Kayaks can be used to ride calm still waters, fish, carry diving equipment or to slip into tiny caves and discover them. Today, you can add kayaks to almost every water sports in the world. Right from enjoying the calmness of the still water to fighting the fierceness of white waters; it never stops to amaze us.

Enjoy the ride

Early in the days, kayaks were rough and dangerous used solely for hunting. Today’s kayaks are created keeping safety in mind.
There are certain differences in the way different kayaks are made depending on their uses. Kayakers, who wish to fish, opt for kayaks which are made to sit upon them and which have a sealed hatch made to secure gear. They also make easy entry and exit from the water bodies.
You can kayak into the sea and use it for diving, fishing or surfing. It’s the new Eco-friendly way to enjoy the water sporting activities.
Unlike the modern day prejudice; kayaking is not always done in white waters or off the high waterfalls. A study has shown that 85% of kayaks ever bought are used in exploring the calm water bodies and not in the rapids.

Friend to the environment

Kayaking is a clean and green sport. There is no noise, water or air pollution ever emitted from kayaking. Gliding up and down the river in a motorboat gives a feeling of dominance over nature and we don’t respect it thus. However, riding the currents of the river up and down makes us conscious of everything around us. We feel more connected and humble towards nature and we start respecting it. Using kayaks in sports is a good way to both enjoy the sports and taking care of the nature.

Benefits your health

Apart from saving the environment, kayaking make sure you stay in the loop of being healthy. In a particular sport, we learn the basic skills. In kayaking too, there are basic skills but the way these skills are used and perfected over the years is exciting. It is relaxing, challenging at times but overall, it gives you a good workout. The health advantages of kayaking are given below:


  • Shed off the extra pounds: A normal kayak is moved at 5mph. To achieve this speed, 0.1hp of effort is required. This using of 0.1hp over an hour will burn 400 calories per hour. So in short, four hours of kayaking can burn nearly 1600 calories!
  • Chill out, paddle down: The feeling of putting that paddle in the water is calming. The feeling of watching the kayak go forward by one’s own effort is soothing. The feeling of watching the open blue sky above over the water and the colours of green, blue, grey and brown is exquisite. Now after experiencing such intense feeling for a few hours, who can stay stressful?
  • Tones the whole body and carves it into a masterpiece: When a kayaker paddles down a mile, he approximately paddles no less than 500 times. Such a task of paddling; putting the paddle in the water and then pushing the boat forward by the thrust of water takes some major help from your upper body. Back, stomach, arms and chest, they all help in the paddling and thus get toned. This fairly means that at 3mph, your body has to go through 1500 reps of this paddling exercise and your muscles will keep getting stronger. No one can stop you from looking good when you regularly kayak!

Safety procedures while kayaking:

Being such and adventurous sport, it comes with a set of hazards. Keeping these problems in check will help you get the most of kayaking while not putting yourself in danger.

  • When you start kayaking for the first time, start with a water safety course.
  • Be well informed of basic paddling technique and also of the first aid.
  • Wear a proper PFD (Personal floatation device).
  • A safety whistle is to be attached to the PFD.
  • A bilge pump; required to pump out any excess water is to be kept so as to drain any water that has entered the boat in case of a capsize or in the case of a rogue wave hitting you.
  • Keep an extra paddle.
  • Prepare for all kinds of weather and wear clothes accordingly.
  • You will dehydrate fast under the extreme workout conditions. So bring drinking water and stay hydrated.
  • Take sources of energy along with you according to lengths of your paddle. Keep at all times with you foods like energy bars, nuts, dry fruits or chocolates.
  • Before embarking on the journey, check the weather conditions and water’s temperature.
  • Before paddling into a new area, learn about that area. Learn about currents, shoreline and the weather of that area.
  • No matter how much of a navigator you are; always carry a topographical map of that area and keep it somewhere waterproof.
  • Take along sunglasses, sun screen, a dry bag and a first aid kit.

With the technical filled in, go out, paddle down the river and feel the adrenaline kick in. The kayak once used by the hunters, will be used by you to kill any sign of stress, and bad health you may be dragging along with you in the past.